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  1. Wow, what a surprise to watch a completely different approach to this sort of singers "competition". Actually a competition without competition No stress, no public performances. Just a school where all work in groups and the teachers wanting the best for them! Even those who left after the first "test" were happy and left with their heads up high. After The Voice and X Factor a very relaxing first episode of Star Academie. I can't wait to watch the second part - even if Mika is still not there. I am happy he will take part of it.
  2. You are right, Michelle. For me as well it' s pretty normal to use Polish, French and English (maybe not in one sentence). But actually it started when I was about 30y-o (for 3 languages - English was my first foreign language at school, and Russian ). It seems to me like it was always like this So I am learning Italian to increase my collection of languages. Blame it on Mika, please
  3. So we know the date of the concert in Versailles on France 5! 5th of February at 20:55.
  4. And a file to download. 1656178831_LouetmoiMika(100121).mp4
  5. Jakub Orlinski's story where Mika talkes about him. "He is a break dancer. He is as well a model for clothes and sport. And he is... handsome... it's true. You can go as see". YouCut_20210111_201550959.mp4
  6. Mika received a Silver Order of Merit from from the President of Lebanon. It was presented to him by the Lebanese Ambasador in Paris
  7. Mika was already invited to this program in 2019. Here is a short part - Mika talking about the meditation
  8. We are still waiting for the podcast... I recorded only 3 minutes with my mobile.... YouCut_20210111_165336670.mp4
  9. Jane BIrkin is Lou's mother. She is an English actor (maybe you know the movie Blow-up. She was Serge Gainsbourg's wife. She sang this famous song "Je t'aime, moi non plus". There is a bag "Birkin" created by Jean-Louis Dumas for Hermes. Mika talks about his meeting with Jane when he was young.
  10. Yes, he would like to invite Miki Mouse. Well the question was not about the concert but about a meeting but Mika made a whole "storyboard" with all these characters and artists entering the stage and following each other. And at the end there is a big armchair back to the public (I thought about The Voice ). You can't see the person. There is only a smoke going up from behind. And then the armchair turns around and who is sitting there? Barefoot Cesaria Evora. Mika saw her last concert in London.
  11. He said that the situation was strange because for the fireworks night there was a lot of police and security around the palace. But at the moment the show starts he was ALONE!!!! ALL ALONE!!!. In a huge Versailles garden. It was cold and the production proposed him do put a coat and a scarf but Mika refused. For the moment like this he HAD TO BE IN A SUIT!!!! At the beginning he was cold. And he didn't know what to do. The moment was so special. What to do not to make too much? So he stood up and started to make movements with his arms to the fireworks. And he felt so
  12. If you can't watch on 6player you can watch RTL2 on Dailymotion streaming
  13. Tomorrow the 09/01/2021 on RTL2. A short video from today. https://fb.watch/2VIvP-Tr0z/ Lou et Moi Lou Doillon reçoit Mika.mp4
  14. Here is the whole Vergo's video. 1524871746_Raghy_era_impensabile_non_condividere_con_voi_l_anno_pi_ass.mp4
  15. No, it's rather some trailers for All Stars The Voice. Jenifer posted a similar photo from the studio.
  16. It seems that The Voice All Stars recording finished yesterday. (according to Jenifer's fan) So what Mika is waiting for? Edit: Looks like the recording is not finished. It will be continued this week. YouCut_20210105_172140720.mp4
  17. Happy 14th Anniversary MFC!!!!!!


    I found this video a minute ago.

    February 2008 Vancouver in Canada - MFCers were there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (and Andy as well :das:)




    1. Prisca


      And nobody had a clue that Andy is Mika's boyfriend. :biggrin2:


      And me talking like I knew already Mika back then. :teehee::lol3:

    2. dcdeb


      Yep, that's an oldie but goodie! The woman with the orange hair was Suzanne, and the woman who posted the video, "Conceited Wombat" AKA Mana, used to be a moderator - and is still a big Mika fan. :)I saw her in Montreal last September 2019 when Mika played there. I love looking at the old videos - thanks for digging this one up! (And there were actually some rumors about Andy even back then... :teehee: )

  18. Groupe F - the company which prepared the fireworks in Versailles posted the video on FB. https://www.facebook.com/GroupeFofficiel/posts/3092132607554843 Groupe F and MIKA at the Château de Versailles for France Télévisions and Electron Libre, on the occasion of the New Year's Eve 2021 show for television. We had the huge honor to design and co-produce this unique show in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles with Château de Versailles Spectacles and the amazing and talented MIKA. You were more than 7.5 millions live viewers as we were welcoming 2021. Thank yo
  19. Mika posted on Instagram 01/01/2020 https://www.instagram.com/p/CJgiHbeF3ZV/ A little New Year’s Day treat from @dannapaola and I. Our interpretation of the @realroxette classic. We know how much you guys enjoyed this performance from the I ❤️ Beirut concert and so we decided to release it today along with a live version of my duet with Danna #memyself. Both performances are available to watch on YouTube and you can stream them on all platforms as of now! Xx Here are full versions from YouTube.
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