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  1. Here we come back again to our "fly baloon" for Paloma I think it's in French. Now we have to wait.
  2. Fortune seems to be in Austria. He posted some photos from a wedding in Attersee. At first I thought it was in Italy and that maybe Mika was traveling there as well. And there is a big lake.
  3. I found this video. Maybe this is Mika's camel? He's dancing and singing
  4. I don't think so. He takes care about his fans. Usually he serves by himself champagne during M@G. Mika - I don't drink alcohol but I will take a glass of champagne from you!!!!!!
  5. First I thought it was Emma (she is in Florence today). But it seems this person has no brest like Emma (?)
  6. All X Factor team was there. Maybe a wrap up drink? YouCut_20210720_150641750.mp4
  7. Mika's hand and his little purse. Photo by Emma yesterday (19/07/2021) during a drink after work.
  8. I've just listen to this Audible interview. To a question when the friendship started between Mika and Christian Louboutin Mika starts telling a story of the Tour Bus!!!!!!!!!!!! So you know, I've thought at once about OUR Tour Bus!!!!!! Here is this part. Christiain arriving on a boat and then finding himself alone in the early morning in a little train station somewhere in France after several hours on the bus with Mika, his band a a bartender !!!!!!!!!!!! About Friendship.mp4
  9. Manuelito stories Mika as Miguel un porno star pi羅 figo del mondo不不不不不 YouCut_20210719_154204471.mp4
  10. Oh, really? Maybe I misunderstood information read before the 1st of July. Or do the local certificates have any QR codes? I know that some local documents about the vaccination don't have Qr codes. But anyway if you have this EU passport it is OK.
  11. I think that while traveling between different countries only EU QR code is valide. Scanner in France (for example) can't read German (local) codes. Only EU codes. So EU QR codes are universal.
  12. No, no. Mika sings that he's dancing like Gene Kelly. I am not sure if it's a song from a movie but I have it in my head. Unfortunately I don't remember the lyrics.
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