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  1. As Nina said in her report, the audience was very loud. Like this: durign Big Girl with Mika in the crowd. A video by Sandra Ly. Mika Big Girl Nouvelle Caledonie Sandra Ly.mp4
  2. Here is a better quality version but it is missing some parts. YouCut_20200219_215458680.mp4
  3. Mika's live interview from The Hague Parliament for the Australian TV. You remember his story from the 13th of February 2020? YouCut_20200213_194444663.mp4 Sorry I don't know who exactly recorded the news Mika for Australian TV 13 02 2020.mp4
  4. Today I received an envelope and what I found inside?

    My prize from the contest for MFC anniversary!!!!

    Thank you very much, MFC ♥️


    Now the only missing thing is Mika's autograph on it 😁

    I will take care of it 👍









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      Congrats!!  Once I won the old stickers




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      @Anna Ko Kolkowska I have the same card, I won it some years ago. :biggrin2: it's perfect, isn't it? :fangurl:

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      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Yes, it's beautiful and pretty big :thumb_yello:

  5. She did meet him but it was not in private. She was waiting with us after the show. And she spoke to Mika. And she did tell him what she wanted to say. And Mika was talking with her too. I don't like the fact that now the journalist "blames" Mika for not accepting to meet the girl in private. Maybe as @mellody suggested in her post about her letter, "sad stories just pull him down too much these days"? I don't even want to imagine a number of other fans coming to Mika to talk about their problems in private. He has his own challenges now and I can understand that he needs to keep this high energy to cope with his professional and private life. "We're gonna stay high not low."
  6. Of course there is always a risk with this sort of announcement. Hopefully it's very rare to become a fake news. Do you remember the story with the Bercy gig? It was announced so early in social media!!! We were very careful. I have a confirmation from someone working in Disneyland that Mika will play the concert there. Well, I am not going but I hope it will be a wonderful event 👍
  7. Here is my report: The journey from Cracow via Amsterdam to Strasbourg was pleasant, calm an a little bit long. So what a surprise when I saw two Mika fans at the Amsterdam airport waiting for the same flight to Strasbourg: Solange and Cynthia in person! We took a taxi together as our hotels were very close to each other. It was already 8pm but I was waiting for Zlata who was coming from Czech Republic and she had the same hotel. She arrived pretty late as her UBER car took her to a correct street but not in Eckbolsheim but in Strasburg!!!! She had to take another UBER to come where I already was. Next day we went to Zenith about 10 am to see how many fans are there. As we had flowers and hearts to distribute for our fan actions we wanted to well planify our little work. I found some faces I've already known – this is so nice to go to diffrent corners of the world and to feel like home! Oh, a short anegdote: me, Zlata and Nicole were coming back from lunch and I can see a man riding a bicycle toword us in a little road on the Zenith area. I say: he reminds me of Mitch. And I hear Nicole screamig: Hello Mitch!!!! Yes, it was him :-) It was funny because in the morning I was “complaining” that fans meet Max or Mika in the street and I have never met anybody like this outside a concert. But I've met a new fan from Moldavia - Irina (hello Irina if you read it). She is very friendly. She had food, drinks, sweets and she was sharing them with everybody. So we have created a post-comunist countries trio: Poland, Czech Republic and Moldavia. And we were distributing our flowers and hearts with laughter and fun. Each time we've seen from afar that soemone was coming to the queue we were „screaming” : new people!!!! And we were distributing our items. Funny thing: sometimes people were not sure what it was about. They thought they should pay for it :-) Anyway I think all of you having standing tickets you know our faces now :-) The door opened at 6:30pm and we rushed to get the best places possible. I landed in the second row on the left side of the stage right behind.... Solange :-) Zlata and Irina took places right next to me. I was dreaming to see Mika in his yellow suite. And when the intro has finished and Mika was on stage I was so happy: he was wearing the yellow suite!!!! The show started. After the first song Mika said that this is the last gig of Revelation Tour and all this decoration, the whole circus will be destroid after. It was a sad news, but hopefully during the show I completely forgot about it. Than during Relax Mika started to talk about St Valentine's Day. That tonight it's a romantic evening with us all. He said that we are his recompence for all his sh**y Valentine's Days of his life. And that we wants to know us better. And to do it we have to sing. Because when you sing you show more that if you take your clothes of. And we sang “relax, take it easyyyyyyy”. He continued his litte story about better knowing each other before Big Girl. We will dance together to learn better :-) And he entered the audience of course :-) Then it was time for Origin of Love and our fan action with flowers. I think it looked really good. The place has changed into a field with colourful flowers. Mika took one flower and played with it during the whole song. Of course we used our flowers as flags during next songs. Then for Tiny Love we made the same fan action as in London – the first gig of Revelation Tour. But this time the venue was huge and we distributed hearts only on the floor level (well some of them were even in seated places as well). I wonder if Mika discovered the intention: the first and the last gig. He was smiling. But when you watch the videos I am sure our colouful hearts looked beautiful. Underwater: of course Mika decided to stop talking and he showed us with his hands how to sing. It was so funny! Before Elle Me Dit Mika continued his discour about St Valentine's Day. He arrived to Strasbourg and he went to eat breakfast alone in a cafeteria. The place was decorated with heart-shape balloons and everybody was sitting with his beloved and he was alone with his heart (balloon). But it was OK. And then he started to talk about his mum who can't dance anymore but who teached him that when life throws s**t on you – dance! You can read a translation in a post above by Libellule95. Then Lippopop song. Mika changes stories every single time. Now he added Frere Jacques song into it. Mitch was playing piano and Mika was jumping on it. I was watching the trambling instrument I was was really concerned by its state. Well, I don't think Mika will use it anymore so maybe he did not give a s**t? But the story about Cinderella and brother Jacques was very funny (he told it already in Utrecht but I think that each time he changes it a lot). Happy Ending – what a beautiful version we've heard this night! I haven't recorded it as I wanted to listen to the song and not to do anything else. For Love Today another fan action was scheduled: balloons. People brought different kinds of balloons: heart-shape, regular balloons of different colours and transparent ballons with heart-shape confettis inside. Mika took on of the last ones and squeezed it over his head. It looked wonderful! At the end of the song Mika started to mention places ans came from: Strasbourg, Alsace... then he has seen Brasilian flag and then fans from other countries started to shout their coutry names and Mika repeated them. And I showed a panel I've prepared with “POLAND (HEART) MIKA”. He has seen it and mention Poland too!!!!! We Are Golden – this song, as well as Love Today is so enegretic!!!! Here fans started to show their printed papers with a word “thank you” in different languages. They supposed to be shown just after the next song, which was Grace Kelly. But it was so natural that fans wanted to thank Mika already during We Are Golden. Mika was so happy again seeing it. At the beginning of Grace Kelly I had a panic moment: I couldn't find my mobile. I wanted to take some photos of Mika in his dotted suite. I was sure I put it into my little hand bag but I couldn't find it! I was checking my pockets, my hand bag, my big plastic bag with my coat. Nothing! The song was almost over, the big colouful ballons were flying over my head and the light was on. I found my mobile on the floor. Hopefully nobody stepped on it! I was happy again and I was able to take some photos and videos of Stay High :-) And Mika blowing us a kiss and his heart ❤️ At the end Mika asked his backstage team to come on stage and we could thank them as well for the good job they did. Then the show was over. I wasn't sad. Mika's gigs give me so much energy. We gathered together with other fans and we decided to tempt the chance and to wait for Mika. And this time we were lucky. About 0:20 (accoriding the date of my first video) Mika came to the taxi waiting for him. But he walked toword us and started not only talking but signing autographs as well. Hopefully I took with me a booklet from MNIMH album. So I handed it to Mika when he was in from of me. And he signed as well my concert ticket! He made a lot of fans happy this night. He was very generous and talked with almost everybody. He stayed with us for about 20 minutes. I hope everybody had his autoghraph. On Zlata's video we can see Mika talking with Solange. She asked him about roumors that the Korean gig was cancelled (she will go there and she wanted to know). So Mika answered that he is 100% sure it is not cancelled. He did an interview today and shot a video for this one. But people should wear masks. And they can't have fever. He continued to sign and talk with other fans. Even with a Brasilian fan from Rio! This fan will go for Mika Rio show of course. Then Mika jumped into his taxi and left. It was already very late. Me, Zlata and Irina decided to go back to our hotels. Zlata had an autgraph too. Irina talked to Mika and she told him that she travelled from Moldavia. You can hear it on this video. Everybody received an expected gift. We were happy. Many, many fans were happy. Thank you Mika!!!!!
  8. And next to the piano cake a bouquet of our paper flowers which we prepared for the fan action 👍🥀🌹🌷🌻
  9. Hi Clemnc. Usually we have numbers written on our hands. So you can go out to a toilet or to eat something and then come back to you place. From time to time the list has been checked.
  10. What a beautiful piece of art ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. New date for France - Mika on a concert for Disney Pride 2020!
  12. Hi Mellody. Yes, we decided to use both sides of the sheet. On one side a Valetine's message and on the other Thank you in different languages. No instruction. We will tell people what to do during the distribution. Of course, you can print as you show on the pic - We will stay high and Thank you We will show them just before the last song and we can keep them up during the song too. Thank you very much for your contribution 💓 See you on Friday!!!! Everything is ready. We are well organized. Now it's time for action
  13. Thank you all for your great reports and videos. Obviousely this concert was so unique.... I love small venues... Sorry, I wanted to say I love Mika's gigs in small venues 💓
  14. Hmm. So send yourVK ID via PM to @carafon . She will accept you and then you should be able to open the video. As she mentioned - she put it as a private video due to copy rights of the show.
  15. I have the same screen if I am not logged to When you have an account created and you log in it should work.