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  1. Maybe this string section reminds me of these two songs. For sure there are some more but I can't find for the moment.
  2. I got the refund from TicketMaster too. Now it's time to be patient with TicketOne.
  3. Great! So I will have money soon too. For TicketOne I think we have to wait longer. I am not sure if they didn't mention "within 60 days?
  4. I have this on my mobile. And I couldn't upload a photo. Now I am on my laptop and I changed the Theme into "Default". So I was able to upload a photo.
  5. At 0:48 the journalist sais that Mika collected 2 millions EUR. So I don't know if it's an error or with all the licences from other TVs it makes 2 millions??????
  6. No mi też najbardziej brakuje podróży, planowania, mikowego szaleństwa!!!! Na szczęście mogę pracować z domu. A ponieważ jestem domatorką, więc mi to nawet za bardzo nie przeszkadza. Ale współczuję ludziom, którzy muszą chodzić do pracy i w dodatku mają dzieci w wieku przedszkolnym albo szkolnym, bo to rzeczywiście stresujące. Nie wiadomo jak się zorganizować i co zrobić z dziećmi. I ten lęk przed kwarantanną. Żyjemy naprawdę w "ciekawych" czasach. Kiedyś będzie się o tym na lekcjach historii uczyć. Mam nadzieję, że w normalnych szkołach, w normalny sposób,
  7. Yes, and the drawing is on Mika's left. But I am sure there must another video or a photo where we can see the drawing on the wall.
  8. I am watching the Bootcamp and actually yes, Mika was making his comments and Emma sais to him: "Leave him (Manuel) to make a choice. It's his team. You, you would like to complete all all our teams". Mika: "Yes"
  9. It reminded me this video I've seen once on YouTube (subtitles in English). Why Frech are never "excites" It's quite possible that Mika used this word as he (especially 10 years ago) was using e mixture of English and French expressions Here we have a quotation by Louboutin.
  10. Le squadre le ha composte tutte @mikasounds “SAPEVATELO” "Mika composed all teams, DID YOU KNOW IT?" Maybe they were discussing between juries how they imagine the groups after the bootcamp and Mika was the best in guessing?
  11. Wow! I don't remember this part. So funny! Cooking with Mika lesson nr 1 And he sais that his favorite dish is a fish soup! So not spaghetti with tomato sauce?????
  12. I am sure I've already seen the drawing on the wall behind Mika. And an apron hanged behind him - isn't it the same we know from "cooking with Mika"? I don't think Max would go to work with Mika in his dad's place (in France?). And on the story Mika posted just before entering the live we can hear Andy's voice (saying something like "Walter"). Not very important to know for sure. I am just happy that Mika is very creative and it looks like he is much more comfortable now in this strange time and he is making plans and helping Max and......
  13. Already during our live when Mika appeared I was wondering where he was. It looked like his kitchen in Athens but I did not even take this into consideration as I was expecting him rather in Italy. Another Mika's mystery And on Max's photo they are wearing Creepy Neighbor's hats. Maybe it's for Max's new songs?
  14. Oh, so in Canada they will cut the show to 90 minutes including commercials... Seems like they will cut some artists off? I hope they will keep "Promissland" at least !!!!
  15. I was sure that Mika let the concert to broadcast in different countries and the money will go for Beirut
  16. I think Mika was talking about the format changes that maybe we (the audience) don't see so much. But it may concern the influence - or rather lack of influence - of the production on judges decisions. After the last time Mika was in X Factor he said something like the judges had earphones and they had to follow the production suggestions. So many things we don't know and we don't see. The final result we see on the screen may be so different of what the live in the studio during recording was. But imo the biggest change is that there is no audience and the judges are more concentrated o
  17. Ha ha ha! And anyway the problems were still there! Well things happen and sometimes we don't know why. I am using my old mobile because the camera works in it during the Lives. And in my "new" one it seems not to work and I don't know why. I don't record my screen because the files are so huge!!!! I don't know how people manage to record the longs sessions. Maybe I should change my app for screen recording? Which one do you use, Deb?
  18. Ha ha ha!!!! Thank You Michelle. I think he mentioned as well sweatshirts. But the comments were coming so fast!!!!!!!!!
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