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  1. Thank you Eriko. I was going to post it too But I couldn't extract the video.
  2. It's just an information that they will do something. Hard to say if it will be done with the audience or just via TV and internet just to collect money. And I think it's too early to give any names of artists to perform. And it's alway a possibility to prerecord some songs if an artist will not able to play live.
  3. French TV wants to organize a charity concert for Lebanon this fall. English cversion below. Translation into English: France Télévisions prépare un concert caritatif pour le Liban France Televisions wants to launch a major charity concert for the benefit of Lebanon after the gigantic explosion which devastated Beirut on Tuesday, the public broadcasting group said on Sunday, confirming information from the daily Le Parisien. "Lebanon is going through a terrible ordeal. France Télévisions is alongside the artists to organize a great concert of support and solidarity for the benefit of Lebanon and its affected population," the leader of the television group, Delphine Ernotte, told the newspaper. The artistic direction of the concert was entrusted to the world-famous Franco-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf. The event, organized in partnership with Radio France, will bring together French, Lebanese and international artists, and will raise funds for the reconstruction of the country. Matthieu Chedid and Bernard Lavilliers should be among the participants. The huge explosion on Tuesday, in a warehouse in the port of the Lebanese capital, left at least 158 dead, thousands injured, tens of missing and hundreds of thousands homeless. "Beyond our public service mission, it is also a matter of showing our fraternity to the Lebanese people wounded by too many tragedies," added Delphine Ernotte. The concert will take place in Paris this fall, after the start of the school year, on a date that remains to be specified, and will be broadcast live on France 2 and France Inter radio.
  4. Associations supported by Mika (links in his bio)
  5. _mikainstagramha_letto_per_noi_la_lettera_piena_di_dolore_e_.mp4
  7. I was expecting this sort of statement. It was just a question of time 💗
  8. PurePeople Un court article qui mentionne les tweets de Mika et Lea Salame...
  9. Sorry, maybe it's out of the topic. A huge explosion in Beirut. I've tagged Mika on Twitter
  10. Cattelan's IG story. Looks like they had this song in their heads all day 😁😁😁 Manuelito's influence??? YouCut_20200727_115917388.mp4
  11. I have exactly the same feeling. I've listened several times this live to make my translations. And it stroke me as well how the dialog was managed by @dcdeb . Bravo Deb! Thank you
  12. Hahahaha Manuelito's story "Mum, don't be jealous. This is Mika's fanbase"
  13. MFC Live 22/07/2020 with Mika!!!! MFC LIVE 22 07 2020 MIKA small.mp4
  14. Ha ha ha ha ! The best hairdo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 VID_45451202_003247_321.mp4
  15. This time Manuelito is answering the questions. Mika: the most stylish, the most beautiful (!), the nicest and with the best hair null_20200722_105308_96852219237243587845.mp4
  16. Yes, you are right. I put my headset to listen again. Sei un po'....
  17. skyitalia_108549907_584068282476838_3711027406712634102_n.mp4
  18. So Mika is in Cinecitta studios. And Pierpaolo has today at 4pm his fashion show. Maybe Mika will go to watch it?
  19. It's from the 10th of July and they still were selling tickets! OK, it's only 7 EUR. But it's not faire to keep this information secret.