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  1. Happy Birthday :happybday:

    1. Miraflor Bragais

      Miraflor Bragais

      Yaay! Thank you @silver :wub2:


      By the way this is the best birthday ever...I finally won my own boxset of Mika's pilot pens on his facebook page. THANK YOU! :blush-anim-cl:

  2. Miraflor Bragais

    Not everything needs a thread

    I'm so surprised to see something like this in our City.
  3. Miraflor Bragais

    Mika covers "Sido and Daydream" by Sheena Ringo

    Yay! Thank you @crazyaboutmika Now that I understand the song I love it even more ❤
  4. Miraflor Bragais

    Mika covers "Sido and Daydream" by Sheena Ringo

    I already listened to it on spotify... I had a hard time because I kept on searching "Sido and Daydream" but the right one should be シドと白昼夢 Such a great song! ❤... even though I can't understand a word what Mika is saying (sorry I can't show any screenshots because I don't know how to post it here )
  5. Miraflor Bragais

    Charlie Puth!

    i knew about him when he sang see you again for Furious 7's soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgKAFK5djSk And now I know Peter Bence because of you..😊
  6. Miraflor Bragais

    Charlie Puth!

    Yes... the new album is great. I agree. Me, I really like empty cups... I like the part when he says the line "Hands on your body like there's no one at the party Just me and you and these empty cups". And also how long and patient.
  7. Miraflor Bragais

    Charlie Puth!

    Haha! @Alliza De Mesa Mika's hair Charlie's hair so now that we have our evidence, I believe you...
  8. Miraflor Bragais

    Charlie Puth!

    Hello, does anyone of you know Charlie? Who else had already listened to his newest album (voicenotes)? Which track is your favorite, and why? Sometimes when I listen to Charlie it seems that Mika and he have their similarities but I can’t point it out… I don’t know, maybe because of the high notes and the piano. (Just my opinion) But Mika is still the best for me. Feel free to share your thoughts…
  9. Miraflor Bragais


    Hello Alli! My friend.
  10. Miraflor Bragais

    Hello Everyone! ♡

    Thank you @silver
  11. Miraflor Bragais

    Hello Everyone! ♡

    Nice to meet you all
  12. Miraflor Bragais

    Hello Everyone! ♡

    Hello ❤️ I am Miraflor but you can call me Mira and I am from the Philippines. I discovered MIKA in 2013. I was watching our music channel here in the Philippines and the show was 'TAKE 5' wherein they present five music videos from one artist... and the artist was Ariana Grande. Don't know much about her at that time so I tuned in and wanna listen to her music. Guess what... Popular Song was included in Ariana's take 5. I know that that show was for Ariana but the guy with her at that song caught my attention more, and that guy is MIKA. I really really like it, such an amazing song. And I believe at that moment the magnetizing and charismatic powers of MIKA lured me in loving him and his songs. So I want to know about him more, I searched about him, listened to all of his songs in Spotify, listen to covers and watched every videos in MIKAVEVO and mikasounds in youtube. Now MIKA has been my idol, such a great inspiration and a motivator. I really thak God that I found him. Its kinda sad that when I wanted to talk about MIKA, no one knows him and no one can relate to me because it's hard to find someone here in the Philippines that also knows MIKA. So when I finally started having my accounts (only last year 😅) I'm so happy to like, and follow MIKA. I feel like I missed so much when I still don't have social accounts. Few weeks ago I've been a member of MFC and I'm so happy. Sorry that it took me weeks to say hello... because I'm having my review for my college entrance test. THANK YOU 😊 MFC! 😁😊☺