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  1. Poland probably is not included in the list as a country, I will not install because I do not know it.
  2. Szara.


    Hello Matilde and welcome to the MFC!
  3. Szara.

    Hi From England!

    Hello Gemma.I'm Monika from Poland.Welcome to the MFC.
  4. Szara.

    Bonjour de France

    Hello Marie I'm Monika from Poland.Welcome to the MFC!
  5. I was a little concerned about these entries, I did not know what this person writes about reading them. They should block such accounts.
  6. Szara.


    I'm Monika from Poland.Welcome to the MFC
  7. Szara.


    Hello Blandine and welcome to the MFC
  8. The performance is also charming and amazing as well as Stade De France. I do not know if it depends on the audience but it was definitely better than before without taking anything away from the previous performance ... He sang GK Beautiful Disaster Stardust and the small fragment Lasciate Mi Cantare.
  9. The concert was very nice but short. And in the jacket, it looked good on the stage. Lights on Underwater when the whole stadium was illuminated, it was something amazing. It needs a lot of breath to not have a breathlessness but how to train everything will be fine. I hope so.
  10. Yes, that's true. It's stupid and mean parody. They do not behave nicely, making fun like that.It is awful.
  11. Szara.

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    Może spróbuje jak będe mieć wenę. Narazie brak czasu. Dopiero jestem fanką 2 miesiące a czy zagorzałą to się okaże.
  12. Szara.

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    Powodzenia dziewczyny.Ja nie mam pomysłów na takie konkursy więc Wy działajcie.
  13. Szara.

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    Dziękuję za fajny filmik Dominika,akurat na mały relaks po ciężkim dniu. Jego taniec jest czasem przezabawny,ubawiłam się tym filmikiem.
  14. Szara.

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    Ciężko będzie.
  15. Szara.

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    Zabiłaś mnie tymi zdjęciami.Podkradam je sobie oczywiście.