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  1. Szara.

    Hello de Paris

    Hello Karine and welcome to the MFC.
  2. Szara.

    My encounters of "The Voice" 2017/2018 with Mika

    Happymika_by_celine Your video is so nice and sweet. Mika is cheerful, smiling. He gives us so much. I do not know what to write. Thank you for sharing.
  3. It's hard to mention your favorite song from Orgin Of Love because all of them are special but my favorite ones are Stardust Step With Me Underwater Overrated Heroes Emily. I like Kids and Tah-Dah. And almost all of the album comes out. Orgin Of Love acoustic version too.
  4. Mika looked great. Does it just seem to me that he forgot the words to Billy Brown? He also said something about the new album. There were also lots of funny moments. I guess he made it a little to sing anything because he told the bastards. It was nice to see Him.
  5. Szara.


    Hello Emma and welcome to the MFC. Enjoy the world of Mika.
  6. Szara.

    I wrote an article about Casa Mika!

    Thank you @ ladyolivier. Great article. Mika should read it, he would be delighted with my opinion.
  7. Poland probably is not included in the list as a country, I will not install because I do not know it.
  8. Szara.


    Hello Matilde and welcome to the MFC!
  9. Szara.

    Hi From England!

    Hello Gemma.I'm Monika from Poland.Welcome to the MFC.
  10. Szara.

    Bonjour de France

    Hello Marie I'm Monika from Poland.Welcome to the MFC!
  11. I was a little concerned about these entries, I did not know what this person writes about reading them. They should block such accounts.
  12. Szara.


    I'm Monika from Poland.Welcome to the MFC
  13. Szara.


    Hello Blandine and welcome to the MFC
  14. The performance is also charming and amazing as well as Stade De France. I do not know if it depends on the audience but it was definitely better than before without taking anything away from the previous performance ... He sang GK Beautiful Disaster Stardust and the small fragment Lasciate Mi Cantare.
  15. The concert was very nice but short. And in the jacket, it looked good on the stage. Lights on Underwater when the whole stadium was illuminated, it was something amazing. It needs a lot of breath to not have a breathlessness but how to train everything will be fine. I hope so.