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  1.  Today is two years since I registered on the forum. My 2nd and 2nd anniversary with Mika.
    I am happy being a part of this forum and thank you to all fans.
    1. Anna Ko Kolkowska
    2. Mikasister


      Happy MFC anniversary!!



    3. Dominika


      Happy Mika Anniversairy! 


  2. In the Polish store where I bought the disc is only available in a digital version, there is no other
  3. I love this album too. Thank you Mika for the album. Digital edition purchased on the Polish Empik site. Good sound.
  4. Merry Xmas my friend :newyear::hug:

    1. Szara.


      Merry Xmas Paoletta too :newyear:  :hug:

    2. Paoletta
  5. Maybe you right. I try listen too but i heard no Mika and i dont know what going on.
  6. As I mentioned before, this album is important to me because I feel its emotions gathered on the album. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe this is my first album I've been waiting for. Mika's voice is different than on previous albums but it still sounds heavenly. I like all songs but probably Tomorrow my favorite and Platform Balerinas most. Tine Love Reprise is wonderful.
  7. I ordered the CD through the Polish webside of Book World PL. It will be today in friday. I Will be happy.
  8. My mother died almost year ago so I can relate to what Mika must feel right now, the fears and the worries and feeling helpless. If you let Sabine quote this piece of your text.
  9. To smutne kiedy polskie stacje radiowe nie chcą promować Miki u nas. Jest takim genialnym artysta a dalej mało ludzi o nim wie.
  10. Blue, Tomorrow, SanRemo, Tiny Love, Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy are all beautiful songs. Other songs will also be beautiful. I can't describe how I feel listening to these songs. This will be an important album for me. Waiting for the album.
  11. A beautiful song. Full of love. My heart soars every time I listen to it. You can hear the style of Queen in it.
  12. Itt's been a year since I registered on this fan club-March 8th. I thank you for your warm welcome, your advice.I am glad to belong to MFC.Thank you all.:partytime2:      :mika3:






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    2. Paoletta
    3. Anna Ko Kolkowska
    4. Dominika


      To już minął ROK!? :mfr_omg: No ładnie, ładnie... Pięknej rocznicy! :cheer:

  13. It was very fun. I do not know what they were talking about but Mika and his facial expressions.
  14. Szalona tak jak mówię czasem o Mice. Już obserwuję.
  15. Też się nad tym zastanawiałam.Ja tak samo mam jeśli już mam czas też staram się być na bieżąco narazie mam go sporo bo jak poogarniam coś mogę sobie obejrzeć ale niedługo wolne się skończy.