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  1. Maybe it's because he's then "left in peace", and can be private, and concentrate about the art... 😉 Love, love me
  2. This "tall, dark stranger" forgot something important: MIKA fans are very aware of the "feet position"...😉 Love, love me
  3. 🙄 I suppose this lady still hasn't cleaned her face ! At least, I wouldn't do it if, I got MIKAs kiss on my cheeks... Love, love me
  4. OMG He has started to comb his hair again...😉 Even I LOVE his bohemian and "wild" look, this is GOOD... Love, love me
  5. mamiam

    New album Mika next year 2019

    Of course - and maybe he chooses to walk around with grey/light hair. And if not I suppose he knows a couple of hairdressers, who would LOVE to color his hair... Love, love me
  6. He can bring his Peugeot with him to Milano, when he's ready with his job in Paris I think it's only MIKA who can, or is allowed to, write his name over the frontpart of a brand new car... Love, love me
  7. mamiam

    New album Mika next year 2019

    Don't be sad! I'm sure MIKA will be as adorable as he's now - maybe even more! I think we all love him for his unique personality! MIKA's good-hearted, kind, wise, smart, clever etc etc. - sooo many good qualities in this beautiful man! His gorgeous and handsome look is just a great bonus! And I think it won't fade, when he's gettting older... Love, love me
  8. Maybe this will be MIKAs new "street-car" while being in Paris - for recording "The Voice" ? Love, love me
  9. It looks like the decorator is inspired by the "Talk about you" video. Good luck to the winner!! Love, love me
  10. Takk Nina! Really funny to see your first MIKA gig! I can't imagine you being that far from the stage! Maybe it was the only one? 😉 Do you know how many concerts you've been to these last ten years, after this one?! Love, love me
  11. 😮 Probably the whole staff fainted - just by MIKAs presence... Love, love me
  12. Thanks - lovely pics! So good to see him in this relaxed position behind the piano - with his Louboutin shoes on... Love, love me
  13. mamiam

    Mika on Skavlan

    😮 OMG - I can't believe that you posted this - thanks a million Eriko!!! This was the last time MIKA was on Norwegian TV! 😥 And thanks to this program, and the host Skavlan ( he's Norwegian ) I got to know MIKA for the first time, at his first visit in this program, 09.03.2007! Sooo good to see it again!! I would be on cloud nine if MIKA visited Scandinavia again - during his "upcoming tour" if there will be, when his new alb. is released. I'm very excited how the promotion will be this time...🙄 Love, love me
  14. Thanks for sharing your MIKA sunday with us! MIKA seems so happy to see you, both inside and outside the Palazzo Vecchio ! Must have been a really nice experience... Love, love me