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  1. YES - that's what I've always thought - and said! Must be great, and much fun, to be behind the camera, with MIKA as model Love, love me
  2. Grazie mille Maggie!! You did a fab. job - it's super that you share your stuff!! Love, love me
  3. How nice!! I think you found the perfect gift for MIKA - and deserved his hug, which you were brave enough to ask for! I'm really happy for you!! 😍 Thanks for excellent reports and videos - from all the special intime shows!! I suppose you'll save these MIKA treasures in your heart forever... Love, love me
  4. Aha - nice support! Kiesza's grandfather is from Norway, btw... Love, love me
  5. It really looks like Pilot Pen will be sponsor for MIKAs upcoming tour, which is great! Good luck to everybody - searching for tickets to his gigs ! I hope you all get just what you want... Love, love me
  6. I think "Tiny love" is a very special, but abs. amazing, song! And after reading the interview with MIKA, where he tells about his tour back to his roots in the US , I find the video like a summary of his family life, from old days and up to his own birth and life. He wasn't proud of everything he found out, he says. I think that's normal, when we go back and seek the history, for generations 🧐 The video is full of symbols, and seems very intelligent made. Like Anna, my first thought was about slavery, among other things. It will be interesting to hear what MIKA will tell about it, himself. But I do understand that he was very pleased and excited to share both this song and the video with the world And I'll be very surprised if it doesn't get the recognition it really deserves... Happy birthday MIKA - you're truly the best!!! Love, love me
  7. Thanks a million NaoMika !! Wonderful performance - I love how much MIKA's into it all, with body and soul ( a great actor as always ) It's funny to see so many men among this little audience - and to see their reaction... Love, love me
  8. Thanks a lot Eriko!! It's so great to have it confirmed - that Andrea Bocelli thought the event with MIKA was magical, and that he was satisfied with his voice!!Well, in fact I never doubted he would be - because MIKA is one of a kind I'm really happy for his lucky fans who could be there, and experience this very special event - and I look forward to the broadcasting of it in Sept... Love, love me
  9. 😮 I'm so happy this didn't happen on MIKAs day !! But it's a pity for everyone involved in the show - and ofc for the audience, with tickets for tonight 🙁 It might be a problem for some, to join the event on Monday, instead of Saturday... Love, love me
  10. Grazie mille Sara - wonderful report!! I do think that you and Serena should get this possibility - and experience this wonderful eve, guite close to your place!! Maybe these tickets, for a nice price, were brought to you on "wings of love" - like your hallmark here! 😍 When it comes to true love for our MIKA - anything can happen... Love, love me
  11. YES, indeed - flowers to Gabry !! And without MIKAs Italian years, this epic event would never have happened!! Now we can add this evening to MIKAs musical treasures!! Love, love me