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  1. I get goosebumps just by the thought of Andrea Bocelli and MIKA in duet - and at this special Teatro del Silenzio !! And the big bonus is "on songs not yet revealed" Thanks God the concert will be entirely recorded by TV cameras!! Love, love me
  2. Well, not exactly. But on the other hand, most designing start with a pen and paper... Love, love me
  3. Good idea! MIKA should design his own ice cream! He already has his Swatch watches, Lozza glasses and Pilot Pens. He's so beloved in Italy, that I wouldn't be surprised if he got an invitation by an ice cream producer, to be involved in the production of a special, healty MIKA ice cream And after all the Italian ice cream is the best in the world, just like our good guy... Love, love me
  4. Thank you sooo much Alba!! I do hope to see you again - and share a MIKA concert So I promise to do whatever I can myself, to get healthy again... Love, love me
  5. Hi everybody! THANKS a million for all your info and updated stuff about MIKAs new single, upcoming alb. and tour!! I'm so sorry I've not been able to respond to it! 😥 It's because of health problems. I've spent most of my time in hospital the last two months. Now I'm finally at home - and hope I'll recover properly - and maybe be able to go to one of his concerts. For the time being I don't know. Just wanted to let you all know the reason for my ( unusual ) silence... Love, love me
  6. MIKA together with Andrea Bocelli What on earth can top this !?! I can't wait to see/hear it...😍 Love, love me
  7. I'm sooo happy for you Anne!! You really deserved this successful night with MIKA... Love, love me
  8. Oh - those hats! 🙁 It's much better to see MIKAs beautiful curls - and besides, he gets too tall, imo Love, love me
  9. 🤣I think you're right. And it reminds us about his excellent memory - and that he loves the MFC He also has this special naughty look when he does this, haha... Love, love me
  10. This makes no. 14 on the list even more impressive! Yes, I agree - they should have used clips from MIKAs fab. Parc de Princes show - I think all his fans would love that But those who make this list are forgiven, imo. Imagine the huge work - to do all the research, and put it together, for each and every artist they present here... Congrats to MIKA!! Love, love me
  11. Thanks a million Meggy and Eriko!! Love it - but it would be great to understand what the men say about MIKA - especially Doriand ... Love, love me
  12. It looks like a safe way to get a pic together with MIKA, is to work in a small shop or restaurant! He's so nice to people - golden MIKA! Love, love me
  13. And after a while we could probably expect his own "Royal" peasant wedding - with the groom MIKA arriving on a white horse... 😍 Love, love me
  14. Yes, it seems to me like both MIKA, and those he lives together with, love the nature - and spend quite some time with ourdoor activities - or just relax... Love, love me