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  1. Thanks Eriko! Already 9 years ago, today And five days before this pic was taken, I saw MIKA very close, at his 2nd, and unfortunately last, concert in Oslo, 17.3.2010 Love, love me
  2. In my eyes, and imagination, I see a spoon pouring gold into a big golden bowl, it's filled - and it grows like a gold tower Maybe they want to prepare the world what MIKA intends to share - with his upcoming new alb. and worldtour...😍 "We are not what you think we are - we are golden"... Love, love me
  3. Yes, I remember I saw those vids. and thought you were all so lucky, who could be a part of that Must have been SO funny, and such a great thing to remember, from MIKA's tour... Love, love me
  4. In fact I've been in a choir, so I like to believe I can sing! But I suppose I have to be satisfied with being a part of MIKA's choir, in my living room and in the car Anyway, it will be fab. to have a full new alb. with songs to learn, and sing along to I can hardly wait... Love, love me
  5. Thanks Eriko! "Brand new alb. coming soon"! Made my day... Love, love me
  6. I would be superhappy to sing for MIKA in his choir, for free - even without food Love, love me
  7. mamiam

    Mika private gig in Moscow 12 March 2019

    Yes, indeed - very nice to be invited! And when we see these luxuary hotels MIKA was booked into, we can hopefully assume that he got a fat payment for this performance, as well... Love, love me
  8. Thanks a lot Alba, for sharing this touching story! God bless Alaa - the cat man of Aleppo! What a wonderful person!! Now I do hope that people, taking care of Karl Lagerfeld's superrich cat Choupette, will donate some of his fortune to this angel in Aleppo! He so deserves it - and need it, to go on with his priceless work... Love, love me
  9. I know what you mean Anna But this gives me a good feeling that the boss is very pleased with the album, and has started to celebrate it already... Love, love me
  10. Which I hope results in his best music baby, ever... Love, love me
  11. So you prepare yourself to be hired as MIKAs bodyguard!? Could be a nice job - for a couple of years - or what!? Love, love me
  12. mamiam

    Tour rumours 2019

    I have promised myself not to focus on the tourlist this time - until I see the dates confirmed If I just get one date I can join, I'll be happy and pleased A new MIKA concert would be the best bonus of this year, or the next year ...But of course I wish that all the MIKA fans in the world will get their part... Love, love me
  13. Funny that you say it, I thought about just the same sequence , when I saw the drumming clip. In Oslo he also got stucked in the can, and needed help to get up, and loose from it. Everybody had a good laugh... Love, love me
  14. This studio looks really good! It seems that nothing's missing there - must cost a little fortune to use these facilities Now it's just up to the man behind the mic, and the people behind the instruments, to make the best album ever... Love, love me
  15. mamiam

    Mika's Rising Sign

    Thank you so much Andrea!! Interesting reading! Love, love me