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    The farmers who are lent their fields are happy. They haven't seen any sparrows since the shooting !!!   :cheer:

  2. but no, Alba, it's the hot temperatures that are responsible.
  3. Will you go to see him the 19th Alba ?
  4. Thank you all for these wonderful and generous shares, which make us feel very close to each other. ❤️
  5. It would have been a shame not to wait
  6. I wish there was sound of orchestra !!!
  7. All right Mellody, before you go to sleep, your impressions ?
  8. Mellody, are you talking about the song that had gospel tunes ?
  9. I suggest you to find pictures of our dog friends to associate with the funny pictures of Mika
  10. He doesn't get on the piano, but it's still beautiful Alba !
  11. From there to know if whay he says is true ou if it's for listening ???
  12. it hasn't been spontaneous for me. I really need to listen to it a few times
  13. Welcome Hannah !If you want to practice French there is the site that Mikasister told you. Alternatively, you can also discuss in a more personalized way with one of us in a personal message. It will be a pleasure to help you.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR ALBAFB_IMG_1566468024074.thumb.jpg.2c25931dd9e8332d2f9f03d84ad8314d.jpg

    1. Mikasister


      Merci Nicole!  :huglove:

    2. Paoletta


      Oh sorry Alba Happy birthday :hug::partytime2:

  15. Last Friday, with several friends, we phoned each other all day long on the radios. Now we are waiting for the result !!!
  16. In France, we still don"t hear Tiny Love on the radios. Do you hear it in other contries ?
  17. Of course Mika didn't do anything by chance! This does not prevent him from not wanting to decipher everything. Geese in particular What I meant to say is that he has the intelligence, unlike some authors, not to impose anything. He leaves us a part to play by making us participate with our little stories, for example. I don't know if I'm making myself understood, let alone how it will be translated