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  1. I thought she was nice. The only time I saw her, she gave me a big smile
  2. I made a little summary of what I like about Mika. I hope I haven't forgotten anything ! ❤️
  3. Andy, when he waits for Mika to come down
  4. Hello Emilie. I'm Nicole and I live in Burgondy. Welcom to our compagny
  5. If someone say how to change the music, I don't know how to do it ...
  6. Hi Girls : I found an other idea for choreographie :
  7. Hard for my old head To follow but I try !!!
  8. Thank you Krysady for everything 😋
  9. Please, can someone help me found the latest french translations ?
  10. I'd ask him if he had any work for me on his tour !
  11. Sorry Guilia, I was the one who didn't see that it wax planned to do the choreography outside the room !!!
  12. Bercy, Dijon, Montbelliard and maybe one or two others . And you ?
  13. Si, mais je te répond en français parce que je ne voulais pas écrire tant pis mais " oh alors, je comprends mieux ". Translator n'est pas toujours fidèle
  14. Yes, you can . Mais laquelle est officielle ?
  15. Oh well ! then I understand better .
  16. Well done Guilia, it's really very nice, only in the pit, there's not much space. I'm not sure we can do as well as that without boxing !!!
  17. Yes yes yes, me.Bravo Marie Christine
  18. In any case, the public will not be bothered to find a parking space !!! 🚘🚌🚙
  19. gabry.thumb.PNG.83b5688092160f0f3379260cb61691d6.PNG

    Gabry, look what I found !!!

    1. Gabry74


      Thanks @miknikel:hug:

      We were in Como after his wonderful gig! ❤

    2. Paoletta


      @miknikel, and @Gabry74 woow

  20. He's a big scoundrel
  21. I think you're righy Loo