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  1. it should read: at the bottom right it is a shadow. Long live the "automatique"corrector
  2. There are mine. At the bottom left, it's a chaos that you see. We are ready for next summer
  3. I hope so, because I have also a collection with Mika's picture
  4. I've got my smileys back. Waouh !!!
  5. I agree Anna. It looks like a cook's burn. Is that why he wanted to throw himself in the river? In any case, it's time for the quarantine to end. Otherwise, at this rate, he'll end up like Joan of Arc or the Titanic.
  6. Mika sang Doisneau's photos. In a few years, maybe someone will sing Mika's posters
  7. I agree with you, we may not have acoustics for a long time. On the other hand, maybe he will find it normal to start a tour in countries where he had to cancel everything?
  8. After a rather intimate album, I imagine something much crazier, something dark and happy, as he knows how to do so well.
  9. He said artistic direction attracted him. Do you think he can live without the stage?
  10. I'd rather like to know how you imagine the next concerts, or even Mika's next tour.
  11. I couldn't agree more, Deb. With respect and simplicity, it will be best
  12. Anna who will soon know more languages than Mika! Yes, she will!
  13. Mika opens his ears wide when the prod tells him : no question of jumping on the piano tonight.
  14. New Year Celebration GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    that 2021 be as you dream it to be

    1. Paoletta


      @miknikel new year GIF you too my friend... 

    2. miknikel


      Thanks Paoletta. Kisses

    3. Paoletta
  15. I know that Mika likes to be a clown, but I really wondered for a moment, if the toilets were so difficult to find in Florence
  16. Chandler, would you allow me to post a more general question on your thread this evening. I could open another thread, but I'm not sure it would be useful to create too many question concerns of course the publications made on Mika. If a mod can give her opinion, it will be welcome.
  17. Sorry for the huge print that appeared and makes my reaction look aggressive. It was not intentional. Error of manipulation. Chanleon, I too would like to correct one thing, my answer was addressed only to Mellody's post and spoke about publication in general. The sexualization of anyone is not a subject that amuses me either, even if I don't go back on what I wrote first. I'm aware that I've gone a bit beyond the subject, but I just thought that your thread could also give us an opportunity to discuss this aspect. But maybe I shouldn't have mixed it all up.
  18. Absolutely Mellody. We don't all laugh at the same things. What one will like may seem silly or inappropriate to his neighbor. Whatever the case, humor is a precious ally to go through life. Do we not say that humor is a form of intelligence? And, thank God, Mika is not without it
  19. I agree with Melody on many points. For example, Mika himself said several times when he presented his last album that pop music had become de-sexualized. From there to deduce that this is part of the "game", there is only one step. Of course this doesn't mean that we have to forget all respect for it. Some of the comments you mention could be described as of dubious taste. But your publication also makes me wonder about one thing: is it only a question of age? Anonymity gives wings. For example, a person who regularly published comments on Mika, on the verge of indecency, I was petrified when I learned that she was just 13 years old. I believe that it is up to each of us to weigh up our comments, while keeping in mind a few common sense rules. Make sure you don't shock anyone, including Mika, of course. Afterwards, it remains true that not everyone has the same vision on the subject, but I wonder if before being a question of age, it is not rather a question of state of mind. In any case, it is interesting to have different points of view and to be able to talk about it in all serenity
  20. Hello Katia !

    1. Katia SEKULA

      Katia SEKULA

      hello Nicole,

      De passage sur le MFC mais je vois que ton message date ....

      Je ne le vois que maintenant !

      Big bisous

    2. miknikel


      Plein de bisous pour toi aussi !

  21. Bravo, you are very strong oh yeah yes GIF by Cultura

    1. TinyLove_CJ


      I have my eye on Mika's fashion, I'd like his scarves, jackets and suits. If only Valentino was less expensive! :lmfao:

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