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  1. The concern is that there will always be people to throw themselves into the best seats if we are not responsive. However, thank you, Deb, for letting us know
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    I present you my new hat !

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      @miknikel it's true is fantastic 

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      @miknikel aww it's a pleasure my friend:hug:

  3. This photo symbolizes a little bit all the concerts. Mika reaches out his hand to invite us to share an hour and a half with him.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=498977690761714&id=100019484612307&notif_id=1579182345186000&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic When I'm asked to go to a Mika concert...
  5. 1 I've been getting these kinds of messages on Insta again. I know it's not very credible, but some very young fans or others who are not so young could be trapped. Irem Aytepe reacted to this Quote Edit
  6. how can we compare the annual sales between a cd released at the beginning of the year and a cd released in October ???
  7. If we have to stay calm and still, then, we shouldn't go to a Mika show. It's better to go to mass ! Amen !
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      Happy New Year 2020! :cheer:

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  9. I have just passed on a message to ask the girls who have to come to help us to be present if possible between 5:00 and 5:30 pm.
  10. The dark pink, it's a remnant package, about 100. Do you want me to count them ?
  11. It is interesting to note Nina's remark, @ Mikagig. With the habit she has of following concerts, she described the Dijon concert very well The Burgundian public, which I know well, since I am one of them, is not an audience that is easy to win over. But if we can do it, then it's for good. I was with my daughter last night, we were surrounded by people who came in curious, on their own terms. One even added: oh ! I'm here because someone gave me two places! That's telling you! I tried to struggle to do at least one fan action, but I really felt alone, to be honest a few people around me and in the pit played the game. But we were not numerous enough and too scattered to do anything effective. A little anecdote by the way, with my Mika sweatshirt, people totally thought I was some kind of Mika intelligence agency, and by the way, I thought it was very nice! Thank you, my Sy!!!! Besides, it amused my daughter. But let's get back to the concert itself because it really allowed us to take the measure of Mika's magic. I think I can say that our darling took pleasure in taking up the challenge. I don't know if the people present felt it, but being in the stands I really experienced it. I saw people transform throughout the show. It started with the hands, then the feet, then the buttocks... until it ended up with an entire room dancing and screaming. If I hadn't already been convinced that this guy has something that others don't have, no doubt, that that night, it would have been done In summary, Mika can be particularly proud of this concert, he has conquered the zenith of Dijon
  12. I found about 100 pink leaves even darker. I would also take them with me .
  13. Congratulations Mellody, you're on top. Tell us how much the labels cost you to share a little with you.
  14. Florine tells me she ordered blue, but I think it's green! and I'm waiting for her answer for the printer. But she will come to help us
  15. Perhaps by printing the instructions in large print on a few blank sheets of paper, you could avoid printing them all. We could put these leaves at the beginning and end of the rows. I mean, it's just an idea. Do the photos of the sheets I posted suffice for you to get the right colors? I think Florine will bring leaves. I sent him a message to find out the color, I'm waiting for his answer. I am also waiting for Farnaz's answer for the printer, and Florine's answer too for the printer. The people who offered to help us are: Marie Hélène Laurie Florine Farnaz Valerie