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  1. Hello again! Just heard your cover,so nice to see your face I think that was really good, you hit all of the right notes (which is hard to do) and I can see that you are really enjoying yourself which is the principal! well done
  2. Hello Mi ! I'm Marwa and Welcome! I just want to say that I saw this drawing on Instagram and I thought it was so good !!
  3. Wow I reeeeeally like your voice! It is so beautiful and those high notes were gorgeous. I didn't know this song but now I want to listen to it, you were right it is hypnotising! Well done!👏👏
  4. Hello all! My name is Marwa, I am French, I am 17 years old and I live in London. I moved from Paris to London when I was 14 years old. I speak fluent English and French and this is the first time that I have signed up for a fan base. I discovered MIKA when I was pretty young ,the first song I listened to was Elle Me Dit. I immediately loved him and his style of music. I like to listen to his music a lot because I have had many difficult years because of school harassment and also I am bisexual and nobody knows it especially my family because I am a muslim girl and I am afraid that my parents find me horrible and they don't accept me as I am. I will never say it to my family because they will never accept me ( even if they love me) . MIKA's music makes me feel accepted and not alone that is why if I meet him one day I would very much like to thank him for everything he does because without him I would not know here today. Anyway, I ruined the ambiance a little, sorry, but I had to get it out. I really look forward to getting to know a lot of great people🤗🤗 (sorry it was very long😅) Bonjour a tous! Je m’appelle Marwa, je suis francaise, j’ai 17 ans et j’habite à Londres. J’ai déménager de Paris à Londres quand j’avais 14 ans. Je parle englais et francais couramment et c’est la première fois que je m’inscris sur une fan base. J’ai découvert MIKA quand j’etais assez jeune, la premiere chanson que j’ai ecouter était Elle Me Dit. Je l’ai tout de suite adorer lui et son style de musique. J’aime beacoup écouter sa musique parce que j’ai eu de nombreuse années difficiles a cause du harcèlement scolaire et aussi je suis bisexuelle et personne ne le sais surtout pas ma famille parce ce que je suis musulmane et j’ai peur que mes parents me trouve horrible et qu’ils m’accepte pas comme ne suis. Je n’ai pas envie de le dire de ma vie du tout parce que ils ne m'accepteront jamais. La musique de MIKA me fais sentir accepter et pas seule c’est pour ça que si je le rencontre un jour j’aimerai beaucoup lui dire merci pour tout se qu’il fait parce que sans lui je saurai pas ici aujourd'hui. Anyway j’ai un peu casser l’ambiance la😅désolé mais il faller que je sorte. J’ai vraiment hate de faire connaissance avec beaucoup de personnes formidables🤗🤗 (désolé c’était trés long😅)