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  1. We-Are-Golden

    Doctor Who BBC

    I started to love Peter more and more during season 9 and I loved him a lot in season 10! I did also watch season 1-4 and I love David and Christopher, but Matt will always be my favorite
  2. We-Are-Golden

    Doctor Who BBC

    Wellll let me get back to this, I now absolutely love Peter as the Doctor Though Matt is still my favorite
  3.   Enjoy your special day :hug:



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    2. Dominika


      All the best! :happybday:


    3. sara09


      Happy birthday, Charlotte! Hope you had a marvelous one :biggrin2:

    4. We-Are-Golden


      Thank you everyone! :wub2: I had a amazing day! :biggrin2: 

  4. We-Are-Golden

    Mika scarf

    And I think this one counts too
  5. We-Are-Golden

    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    * And that he probably will never be Yeeess I loved this episode so much haha!
  6. We-Are-Golden

    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    He get's me every time Scully and Hitchcock annoy me most of the time, but in a funny way The Halloween episodes are the best! They get crazier every season don't they? And I love how badass Rosa is. Though she is starting to melt a bit after season 2
  7. We-Are-Golden

    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    Yes yes Just Jake's weird and stupid jokes in general And Terry, with his 'Terry loves yoghurt' etc etc
  8. We-Are-Golden

    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    True. And this certainly isn't a crappy show! I wonder if Gina will find someone who can handle her I love how Boyle throws himself in relationships like crazy and immediatly starts obsessing.
  9. We-Are-Golden

    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    Toit 👌 Oooh I see! But the next day? Well, I'm happy they did! Hahaha! Yes it took me a while to pick just one If any of them would leave it.. wouldn't be the same! Yes I did too! Though I don't see Gina falling in love with Boyle, just... no But I'm halfway now, so I don't know what I can expect still
  10. We-Are-Golden

    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    Cool cool cool cool (I'm now in season 3 ) Did they want to cancel this!? Why? Hmm, I don't really have 1 favourite to be honest. They all have something that makes me like them But if I have to name 1, I'd say... Boyle. He's just too funny haha! Yours? I do ship them yes!
  11. We-Are-Golden

    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    Yeeess here! I actually started watching like 2 weeks ago I'm now at the end of season 2
  12. We-Are-Golden

    Favorite song from each album?

    Aaah difficult, since my favorite songs change by the day But right now: LICM: Relax TBWKTM: Rain SFS: Lonely Alcoholic TOOL: Origin of Love NPIH: Staring at the Sun
  13. We-Are-Golden

    Hello there MFC-ers!

    Hey Eliza! Welcome to MFC! I am Charlotte and I am from the Netherlands I hope you have fun here
  14. Good to know I'm not the only one who didn't know what or who BTS is