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  1. All these years on the forum and the "recent profile visitors" feature will never stop giving me anxiety lmao

    1. Jaela


      Not to mention the people who block you on other social media platforms and then snoop around on your mfc profile, yall are just creepy 😭 

    2. silver


      Mostly it is just people replying to you (like me), I doubt they check your profile.  And you can always switch the feature off.

  2. OM2206 tattoo is also still a possibility 🌚. It's fun, it's mysterious and nobody including the person wearing the tattoo knows what it means sjsjsjs.
  3. Same same. I would love to get one of his lyrics tattooed but I just can't decide which. There are many songs and lines that speak to me, but I feel like if I ever do it I need to be older bc I'm currently still changing so much and I don't want a tattoo that reminds me of bad times in my life or anything. Maybe when I'm 25 or so I'll be "grown" enough and I can settle for something permanent. Anyway, I'm glad 16 year olds aren't allowed to get tattoos because otherwise I'd be walking around with a tattoo saying "if you feel like a freak, turn yourself into a beautiful freak" rn 😅😅
  4. This is so cool i really hope you get to show it to Mika one day! Just so he can then gasp in shock (i can already picture his reaction 🤭) and feel guilty that you "did this to yourself" bc of him 😂. His reactions when people ask him to write something down for a tattoo are always so funny, i don't get the impression that he is a fan of tattoos himself 😂
  5. MFC Pride colouring competition but instead of the tour bus we colour in your arm
  6. Not, Mika, but related! 😁 I really liked this quote by Rufus Wainwright which I found on Instagram 😊
  7. Anyway this is not the Perez hate thread so i'll sush now sjsjsj
  8. He is such an attention [censored] too like he so desperately wants to involve himself in everything. And on Twitter he likes every single tweet that mentions his name! Like that is a grown man with a family to care for... embarassing
  9. I'm a little bit late but i feel like this might be a good moment to address how extremely problematic Perez Hilton is. He made a career out of trying to out lgbt celebrities and somehow thought that was his "right" as a fellow gay man. He would often literally harass them and even said people who stayed in the closet contributed to the stigmatisation of gay people, which is ridiculous. Anyone has the right to come out at their own pace and when they are ready for it, just like Mika did. Perez has even been asked why he didn't out Mika and he said he tried to, but "didn't have to repeat his sexuality everytime". I think the only reason he didn't do it was because he and Mika became friends. And, to be honest, i will always wonder if the reason Mika became friends with him was so that he would not be outed by that trashbag. Cause be honest, how often have we seen them together after 2012? Perez still regularly mentions Mika, but i dont see him reacting to it much and i get the impression that their "friendship" cooled down quite a bit and is largely one sided at this point. Anyway, i could bring up all the other stuff he has done, making mysoginistic comments about women, harassing a teenage girl on Tiktok, etc. but I feel like the witch hunt on gay celebrities alone should be enough reason to keep him away from Pride events like this Stonewall thing. If there is anyone who has created an UNSAFE space for gay people, rather than a safe space, it's him. I also really wish we as Mika fans would stop putting him on a pedestal just because he is the only American media person who still seems to care about Mika. He doesn't deserve our attention, he doesn't deserve anyone's attention. He is past his due date, has been for years and should have been left in 2012 or so in my opinion.
  10. Thank you for the suggestions! I actually only have surface level knowledge of the aids crisis and in general of queer history and what it was like to be lgbt in the past century (which is bad i want to learn more, so I will be checking this out 😊. I wish things like this were discussed more in school also! It's an important part of history and it might also help make people understand why we still have Pride and why there is no such thing as "straight pride" etc. (because somehow people still ask that question every year 🙄) and why it's so important to have a month like this
  11. Head empty no thoughts just Mika allegedly saying on The Voice that he doesn't believe in gender binaries. Terfs how are you feeling? 🤭🤭

  12. Head empty no thoughts just Mika saying LGBTQIAplus

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    2. Jaela


      uhh the x factor thing i think? other people told me he said it on the voice, but either way i wanna hear him say it 😁. (i've got the lgbtqia+ video saved already hehe)

    3. Jaela


      @TinyLove_CJupdate i realised im dumb and i thought you were replying to an entirely different status update of mine lmaoo. i made one also which was about mika allegedly saying he doesnt believe in gender binaries! just havent been able to find footage of that so far but multiple ppl have told me he has said it

    4. Jaela


      this website is so confusing i swear 😭😭 or maybe my braincells are just fried

  13. why do i even continue to try and be nice when i get treated like dirt by some people, a quel paese with your silent treatment, byeee

  14. scariest thing on this website has to be that others can see what topics im looking at... 

    if you see me scrolling through old 2007 threads bc im bored mind your business 🤧

  15. So does that mean no one under 15 can go, not even when they're accompanied by an adult? That would be harsh, although I understand those opera people may not want a bunch of screaming kids who can't sit still inside their venue 😅
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