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  1. happy birth

    1. Jaela


      i just want to win in a competition for once in my life please i will be good all year i promise

  2. Thiiis 👏👏. Tbh if he was a woman and his fans were all older men we wouldn't even be having this discussion because everybody would know it's creepy and would disapprove of it
  3. I dont think she is on the forum as a member. Unless as a guest, but i've seen no stalkers in my recent visitors 🙈. She did claim she was defending her friends, those being older people i suppose 😅. But oh well, just a kid being bored i guess, she shut up after i started asking her more questions about who she was, if she is a fan, etc. so yeah 😂
  4. @chanleon I TOLD YOU, i told you they were gonna use me as canon fodder 😭😭 Of all the people that commented on the thread they decided that im the antichrist 😂😂 If it was unclear to anyone i do not hate old people, i do not even hate the weird ones, i just dislike their behaviour 🤧
  5. This is a good point, i hadn't really thought about it like that before! And this too! I really do feel a responsibility for this now that i'm getting a little older, to guide the younger fans away from the creepy people, to teach them what is or isn't okay, etc. I think in general younger people keep eachother in check a little more. Like, friends of mine have been asked before to move a certain sexually tinted conversation to the dms, and i too try to *subtly* point out when i think a friend is saying a little too much (but very subtly cause i have no issue calling out stranger
  6. well at least you're not an ageist 🙏. i know what it's like, i've been ok boomered before. and im 22! age discrimination is no joke 😪
  7. Hey I have not said a word so far, don't make me canon fodder again now sjsjs. But it has been really interesting to read all of this and i'm glad someone finally started talking about this! I would say it is not even so much about protecting as it is about respecting. Like, as with all internet interactions: if you wouldnt say it to someone in person, why would you say it at all? Or maybe some people would say their sexual fantasies to his face, we have after all already had a person buying him a gay kamasutra book, so oh well :'). I think it's important at least that it's being d
  8. Are we talking about this yet? Do we think this will be our Mika? It seems so out of the blue that'd he'd drop a new song on Friday on a Canadian tv show... but idk
  9. Mika et la famille de Patricia Paquin à Sucré Salé cette semaine Par Audrée Laurin 24 août 2020 • 12:36 La semaine dernière, on apprenait que la saison de Sucré Salé était prolongée de trois semaines pour célébrer les gagnants du Gala Artis à compter du 7 septembre prochain. D’ici là, on continue de suivre l’animateur Patrice Bélanger et ses chroniqueurs au gré d’entrevues toujours aussi ens Ce lundi, la semaine sera d’ailleurs lancée avec l’animateur Pierre-Yves Lord, mais aussi la chanteuse Suzie Villeneuve, qui a fait un retour sur scène remarqué à La Voix. Sur le
  10. We could probably try getting it trending an hour before the gig or so? I know i will NOT be tweeting during the concert (this is just gonna be my and my headphones and no one else 🤣), but it would be nice to hype the event one last time before the start 😊. And donations are always a good idea 💸
  11. I got my tickets for the concert (thanks to a friend bc i dont have a credit card!) but it makes me sad to see that there are too many fans who can't buy a ticket because the payment options are so limited I wish i could buy one for all of them, after all it helps charity too!!
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