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  1. For those confused about how to stream correctly:
  2. And if you guys could copy paste this tweet and also retweet it that would also be great
  3. Hi hello goodmorning here's me again with a futile attempt at getting Mika on the Dutch radio. If you could all fill out the form here: https://qmusic.nl/repeatofniet That would be amazing! If you have any doubts on how to do this dont hesistate to ask! 😄
  4. Yeah, i think it would be not more than professional of him or his team to make a statement about it? I mean now we had to hear via Deb that the team said that it isn't true, but they never said anything directly, which I would kind of expect, certainly when all of this reaches a point where that website starts selling non-existent tickets... I mean most people can think for themselves and realise that things like this aren't true, but there are also plenty of naive and impressionable people in this fandom so I would be worried that they'd get scammed or something 😕 And also not everyone checks MFC so I guess many people don't even know about what Mika's team said if they don't directly post it on Twitter, Instagram and the Facebook page
  5. That ConcertFrance website keeps insisting that their information is true, even after we told them that Mika's team has said there will be no concert... I don't get why they're doing this? Now they've even added ticket prices to their website... But they're also involved with LiveBooker (which is a pretty scammy website from what i've read) so I'm gonna assume that with them as partners they make their profit... very fishy. It doesn't help that apperently all their previous concert predictions have been true, but I'm inclined to believe Mika's team more than some random website. Ugh, such stress! 🙄😂
  6. You guys!! You can also use the browser version of Spotify without even installing the app, it's super easy actually 😊 (I think the link is something like browse.spotify.com or something, if it doesnt work you can also google maybe). Another streaming party sounds great!
  7. Yeah! They say they do but of course you never know what happens behind the scenes... i do think we got at least 80 to 100 people to vote and you would think that's enough... but maybe in the end they decided that this is not what the Dutch audience would want to hear idk
  8. Update on Repeat of Niet: SOAO didnt make it, a song by Bob Sinclair and Robbie Williams got chosen instead
  9. I'll surely let you know! When I have updates I'll post them here 😊
  10. So each week they will pick one song that will get played in Repeat Of Niet. If it gets more Niet votes already the first time it gets played it will immediately be replaced with another song, but it can also take a few days or a whole week. Every week it's one song that has to "battle" basically, but it's not that they put two songs against eachother or anything. A song just needs to get enough requests to even get a chance to be played for Repeat Of Niet, which is the stage SOAO is in now. I hope i explained this correctly, it's actually quite complicated if you're unfamiliar with the format of the show and im terrible at explaining things, im sorry 😅😆
  11. No, not today. Currently another song is running, namely Let Me Down Slowly by Alec Benjamin. They play it two times a day, and each time people can vote "repeat" or "niet" (niet means the song has lost). The maximum time a song can run is a week and if it manages to complete the whole week with more repeat votes than niet votes (which will likely be the case with Let Me Down Slowly) the song will be taken up in the regular airplay of the radio station. A new round will start on Monday, so then we will know whether SOAO has made it!
  12. Maybe we could try and do another streaming party tomorrow to keep the streams consistent. I'll ask the girls from the Mika Promo Squad about it 😄. Thank you for mapping all of this out by the way! I personally don't know where to see the stream counts, but maybe that's because I don't have Spotify premium 🤔 In any case it's amazing that SOAO is now already Mika's 5th most popular song on Spotify, behind only songs of off LICM! 😱😁😁😄
  13. Hello everyone!! There is a chance that Sound Of An Orchestra will be played on the Dutch radio, but I need your help for that! There is a radio station here that has a show called Repeat Of Niet in which they play a song requested by their listeners, and then each time they play it, the listeners have to vote if they want to hear the song again or not. And I was thinking it would be great if SOAO could compete in this show! But for that it first needs to gain many requests, because it has to compete against much more popular songs by American artists with a much more generic sound! (That's what Dutch people love lol). So, how can you help? What you need to do is click this link right here: https://qmusic.nl/repeatofniet then scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form that you will find there. In the first box you need to put the name of the artist and the title of the song, so "MIKA, Sound Of An Orchestra" in the second box you need to put your name, the third box asks for your phone number but leave that blank otherwise they will call you to ask why you chose this song and it will all be in Dutch! 😆😆. And then in the last box you need to put the Youtube link to Sound of an Orchestra (make sure you put the link of Mika's official channel!!). When that is done you click the red button that says "verzenden" on it and you're done!! It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and you would help Dutch fans a lot with it 😁😁. If the song gains enough requests, it will be played, then people can vote and hopefully they will vote repeat so it will be played more often! And songs that get voted to be repeated many times, often end up becoming massive hits, so who knows! Thank you in advance for your help, i also attached an image showing what the form should look like! And don't hesitate to ask if you need any help, i hope everything was clear! 😊
  14. I mean, it really does clearly have a watermark, but it's fine hahaha
  15. Thank you! Yeah I'm not around much here because I prefer Twitter and Instagram, but I was looking for some inspiration and then I found this thread 😁