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  1. Bonjour Patricia, bienvenue depuis la Suisse 🇨🇭 😊
  2. Oh, I just send a request for 2 tickets, but only my name. I hope it works for me, I can have just one ticket if the mail is already sent…?
  3. Mika in Switzerland on Sunday 28.07 😃🥳
  4. He talks about the workshop he created, and in previous interviews said it was in Les Pouilles (Puglia) that is south Italy, and in this article the workshop is now in Toscany ! 😆 It’s not the first time he’s not very precise, but it doesn’t really matter, I just find it funny… maybe he doesn’t want to reveal the exact truth 😊🌞
  5. Same for me! I reopened my Twitter account only for him…😀 And sometimes have a look on tiktok, but not really my thing. 💙
  6. It makes me sad to read negatives comments on Twitter (on the rugby World Cup page), because he works so hard and invested so much, and delivered a fantastic show. I hope he will read all our positives comments ! 😊🙏
  7. We can say both, but it’s obvious that it’s your hand that is asked, so you don’t have to specific « your »… 😄
  8. Cool😊, for me only the second time… first time was Sion sous les étoiles this summer 🤩
  9. @QueenBigFat, he wrote this album 2 years ago, said in différents interview he talk about his personal life, and I don’t think he’s in any ways involved in politics or what happened in the world… just enjoy the song, and don’t think to much 😊
  10. Hello, Mika just answered some questions on Instagram riffx.fr, and one question about the meaning of Apocalypse Calypso, he said he wanted to write a romantic song, and for him the most romantic thing is making love in the middle of the Apocalypse… and his tournée 2024 will be like a Ball during or just after the apocalypse.
  11. He’s back! I was right 😃 It’s usually a few weeks for filming les auditions à l’aveugle, and then the directs, in spring, I think after his concerts.
  12. He said Elvis is the King, and he didn’t like when actors are playing the part of famous singers because they belong to everyone. He said we should stop making film like this because great singers are untouchables : they have their soul in their voice.
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