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Hello from Germany


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Hi all!


My name is Myra, I'm 23 and from southern Germany...


I got Mika's CD as a Birthday Present (I'll love my friend forever! :naughty: ) and absolutely loved it from Grace Kelly to My Happy Ending! I think this guy and his music is just so fantastic...I like listening to all kinds of music, but Mika's is just so special, really cool :biggrin2:


I've been browsing through this forums for a while and everyone seemed to be slightly crazy and very nice...so here's another crazy girl :naughty:

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Hallo Myra!


Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut wie mein Englisch, aber ich wollte sagen hallo. Auch dein Englisch ist fantastisch!


Willkommen zu den Foren! :mf_lustslow:

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