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hi! im new! hehehehehehehe

Mika rox 1995

Is Mika HOt?  

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  1. 1. Is Mika HOt?

    • yea!
    • No.
    • No, he's sexy!
    • Not sure!

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no seriously im new!




i found out about Mika when i was whatching Videa Hits First! and i fell in love! :mf_lustslow::wub2::mf_lustslow:



:punk: :punk: :punk:

if anybody can send me lollypop and happy ending i will be thrilled! only send me thoses songs or a song u think iwill like!



my email addy is little_g_dance@hotmail.com


haha Have fun here! I'm sure you will have an flippin awesome time...

I would send you songs, but, im not very computer savvy soo.....

yeah. WELCOME AGAIN TO THIS... mika insane asylum... of mika obsessed people... haha


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Hello and a huge welcome!!!:thumb_yello::punk:

well...u can download these songs in the audio/mp3's thread and you'll find a lot of songs in it,lollipop and happy ending too...or u can ask some1(always in the audio..'s thread )to get to u the song that u like and they will help u,If it's possible...I say 'they' 'coz I don't know how to do!!!:biggrin2: but they helped me many times!!


Ok...have a good time here with us!!Byyyyyyeeee!!!:bleh:

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Welcome to the land of the deliciously demented. Here we are all truly mad. :insane: And loving every moment of it.


Our king is Sir Mika.:king: He is the best example of a balance between love, art and lunacy. In his kingdom you will relax, take it easy, love today, enjoy a Happy Ending and shun Any Other World. :naughty:


Enjoy your descent into madness...... you are in good company.... :wink2:



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Hiya and welcome to the forum , I voted no :biggrin2:


i was wondering who voted no lol, who's the second person? :blink:


i voted for yea.. no i wish i voted for not sure.. cos he is both hot and sexy lol

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