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The Chupetin Braces Girls!!

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If you like chupetines (lollipops) and braces so you must be one of ...The Chupetin Braces Girls


This idea actually came because on the Argentinean thread we wanted to make an argentinean mika fansite to show Mika all the argentinean fans that he has so that name came up.


So if you want to be part of the:"The Chupetin Braces Girs"l just let me lnow and I'll add you to the list.


We also have a myspace that is under construction:




The Members List:


lollipop dealer #1

veka #2

ju. thulc-girl #3

anto #4

vermica #5

adri #6

lourdes #7

vanessa #8

mad_about_mika-89 #9

Mika_forever #10

veroMica #11

purplegrape #12

luna #13

xxprincesschezzaxx #14

Romy #15

marlau_20zr #16

buttnugget040 #17

SoFi_89 #18

backflip_76 #19

HollyD #20

CaroLollipop #21

Shaza! #22

curly #23

Karolin' #24

IheartMika16 #25

libbylovesMika #26

flor_arg_16 #27

Mika3Maniac #28

~Ana~ #29

Glowstick #30

vivi #31

Romis #32

flopii* #33





p.s: Put this Chupetin Braces Girl # on your signature with the number of member that you are!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Sí síiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!:welcomeani: WE are The Chupetín Braces Girls!!!! :roll1:


If u r a Chupetín Braces Girl...u definitely:


1. R Mika´s music lover:groupwave:

2. Like lollipops:wub2:

3. R Cool:punk:

4. R Sweet, sweet, sweet like hiiiiiiim!!:snog:




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I went to a club last night and there were lollipops as decorations... and i begged the owner to let me have one... all for mika spirit!!! it made me very happy.

ok that was random :blush-anim-cl:


OMG!!! Lollipops as decoration !! :biggrin2: That's so cool.. Maybe we could have a lollipop party some day :bleh: .


2 days ago I went to a candy shop and there were this huge lollipops.. hehe but I didn't have money :roftl: (silly me!!!)

I'll go there soon and buy one . :biggrin2:


Stay Sweet Chupetin Braces girls ! :thumb_yello:

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