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Do the Mika!


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Is anyone else in love with Mika's signature move? Y'know, mic in right hand, left arm outstretched, bent slightly forward.


I dub it "The Mika", and whenever he does it, there should be an understanding that he is, in fact, "doing the Mika".


Although, it kind of makes me want to tackle him rugby-style...





PS: Thank you to those who I ruthlessly stole these pictures from (from the Mika live photo album). :thumb_yello:

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i didnt realize he did it that often.:shocked:


my friend is sitting here with me and i laughed and she pointed out that ive begun to laugh JUST like mika:blush-anim-cl:


I laugh like Mika too now! one day - when we'll have our big MFC party eheh :naughty: - we'll all laugh at one of his joke and we'll laugh just like him. ahah he'll be like : :shocked:


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i think everyone who has been to a mika gig will have a pic of him doing 'the mika' because its the only time he stands still enough to get a pic!!























sorry abot croppingyour head on that last one mika! im apparently not good at using a camera..:blink:

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