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2007 - Fuji Rock Festival - Japan - pics


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it's a male hand!!!!:mf_rosetinted:



btw, i love the first pic, he's flying again

and the photographer can catch the moment:thumb_yello:




OMG!!! I saw THE HAND now!!! :shocked:

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Wow! Amazing pictures!!!!! I love the first one on the second link where he's jumping up and his legs are bent underneath him, and also the one where he's at the keyboard. Those are really great pictures!


There's so many bubbles and a lot of confetti! I wish I was there!


I feel kinda bad though that someone grabbed his bum. I know he's said that he hates that!


Thanks for showing us the pics! :biggrin2:

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Amazing pic Miina. thank you. i know, i saw the hand on the bum pic and i was like "WTF?' its a male hand. And then a bit jealous*looks over shoulder to see if hubby is around* haha. i got an good pic for my "presenti Cherisse Osei" section on myspace. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!!!!

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These pics are great! Thanks!!!!


Also, has anyone else noticed how Mika seems to be beefing up as of late?:shocked::mf_lustslow:


I think that he's putting on quite a bit of muscle on his arms, back,etc...

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I loooooooooooove a man with muscles! Yum, so nice to look at...


Mika, please, feel free to take your shirt off as often as you feel like it, so we can ogle you...:naughty:


Do I sound like a total perv? :blush-anim-cl:

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