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Does anyone have any funny YouTube videos you want to share?



LOL you guys might not share my sense of humour but I find these HILARIOUS.









Is there a thread like this already? I HOPE NOT.

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LOL YEA I DID!!!!! i like muffins better though... theyre both hilarious

"these shoes suck" "these shoes rule" "these shoes are 300 dollars" lol


lol yeah i agree muffins is better... i find it HILARIOUS when he says "BANANA" lol just the way he says it.. :roftl: and IMAGINARY MUFFIN lolll

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hahhahaahha these ones are absolutely hilarious tooo! haha lol

"Sequel" haha


I find it hilarious when he stares @ the camera hahha.

"You demon!!" "What the F!!!" hahhaaa ay-ai-ai






How tall are you? I am 5 foot ace of clubs *stares into the camera*




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i think this guy is so funny


He's so funny! I've seen the torn clip before and I tried searching to see if he did other songs but I couldn't find any. Thanks!



I hope this wasn't already posted. I haven't gone through the whole thread yet because I'm saving it for later on tonight when I'm bored!


Evolution of Dance:

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