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hi , i'm imen from paris, and i looooooOOOoooove mika!! the first time that heard mika's songs was in a waiting room, i let people go before me, and finally, i stayed there more than a hour:wub2: !! i don't speak english very well so sorry if i do faults:thumbdown: , i'm here to learn if you want to correct me. :thumb_yello: byee!!:thumb_yello:

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helllo!!!Don't worry about ur english!!!I assure u that slowly slowly u'll speak better this language...at first it was the same 4 me...and now too...but my engl is better now!!!:biggrin2:


btw...WELCOME AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!:thumb_yello:

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hello! :naughty:

your name means in Estonian "I suck" :blink:

but I'm sure you dont hehe xD

welcome to the club :)


ok... thx... i guess... imen means "faith" in english, it's egyptian. it's better than i suck..

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