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Hi all!


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This place can be overwhelming - there's plenty to read...but there are also plenty of us who can guide you through. Try starting with the FAQs at the top or...just ask specifically (in this "Introductions" thread) what you are looking for. We're all glad you're here! :biggrin2:

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Hi guys, just a a few words to say hi to everyone. I am new to all this so if anyone can give me any tips etc, it would be much appreciated. I first heard of Mika on the radio, and I loved his voice. Have recently seen him play at Plymouth Pavillions and he was amazing!! Can't wait until his next tour!




If you have any questions, Josephine, don't hesitate to PM me -- I'm

one of the moderators here. (The others are nico_collard, happikali

and Freddiesdouble.) But honestly, most everyone is friendly and

helpful here -- just start posting and you'll see!


Have fun! :thumb_yello:



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