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Hi,nice to meet you guys on this forum.

Though I can't write in english fluently, i'll try my best.

My name is Miseon, i'm 17 and i live in south korea.

To introduce more about me, i'm a huge fan of Queen, Mika, and Manchester United etc.

Well, I got to love Mika's music since i saw his music video 'Grace Kelly' a few months ago. I started to listen to his songs on his album and see every videos on the Youtube. I thought his high voice, song, performances..etc are really brilliant and they were kind of a shock to me.:thumb_yello: Also stories about his life were really touching to me.

My favourite song is 'Stuck in the middle' but I'm listening 'Happy ending' over and over again thesedays.

Anyway, i want to see Mika at the concert in korea someday. maybe he will come next year because he said so on the radio.

thank you for reading and I hope all of you to have great time here!

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:welcomeani: Miseon! Your English is great! :thumb_yello:


Stuck in the Middle and Happy Ending are probably my two favorites, too,

but it's so hard to choose, isn't it?


I'm sure you'll see Mika there soon! Hope you have fun here :)



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