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Hi everyone

Evelin Carvalho

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Hi, I'm Evelin from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

I'm a new fan of Mika.

My older sister went to Europe and brought his songs so that i could listen to them here for the first time and now i just love him!

And now i'm here to share my admiration for him with you guys!

Bye! :bleh:


Olá Evelin. Seja bem-vinda ao MFC!!! :biggrin2:

tb sou brasileira e fã de mika a valer!

temos um forum brasileiro sobre o Mika. Visite lá tb. o endereço está na minha assinatura.:thumb_yello:

Estou sempre lá e aqui. qualquer dúvida pode me chmar por MP!!!!! :wink2:

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