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Sorry just getting used to the site and I couldn't figure out how to post an introduction. But I got it now. I first saw Mika on a commercial for LICM a long time ago. A few months ago I found him through a youtube search and now I have the CD, DVD, and I made my own T shirt!:blush-anim-cl: I look forward to spending time on this website! Oh and i'm home schooled if you wonder why im on during the day! Bye!:biggrin2:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hiya, Welcome. I joined a couple of months ago and think this place is brilliant (Oh, and I think Mika is brilliant too:thumb_yello: ). Just throw yourself in, people are very friendly (and forgiving if you make boo-boo's like I did and still do) and there is always a lot going on, even when there's nothing going on. Hope you have a lot of fun.:biggrin2:

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