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Help us to see Mika in Florence again!


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Mika was at Love Wave Festival in Florence last july :wub2: :wub2:

...and we want him AGAIN!!! :mf_lustslow:


if you click to the link you can put his name of the required international singer for next Summer....will you help us italians?


as a gift for your help you can also click on this link



and see the pictures of Mika at that festival...similar to the pic in the DVD booklet!


thank for your help! :thumb_yello:

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yes....i entered mine, silly me, but i'm going to vote more without entering any, i hope it will work!

it works in any case, they want only suggestions, you can put MIKA MIKA MIKA ecc or only mika and the other blank I think

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Anyway he could even choose the Idroscalo festival, where last year The Gossip performed at, and which happens to be very close to where I work.. :fisch:



Btw, I had to leave the italian artist/band fields blank...I don't think Francesco Renga would fit the Arezzo Wave!:roftl:

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