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New MIKAdict from MEXICO ;D


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Thx a lot guys !!!


btw, I forgot to say how I met Mika <3!!


So let me tell you my story :wink2:


Yeah first of all I met him pretty late, on my BIRTHDAY (which is even better :bleh: ) june/23 cuz I was talking with this friend from Maryland, and she sent me the song (THE song, Grace Kelly) and she said like "Listen this song, it's hilarious!" so I listened it, and... OMG "Hilarious?? This guys is a GENIOUS!!!! WHO IS HE??!!?" she told me that she only knew that song and that the guy's name was Mika!

Right after that, I went to the closest mall to my home and bought Life In Cartoon Motion :bleh: . And yes, it was the happiest birthday ever :blush-anim-cl:


But then I was wondering if any other person in my city (Mérida, in México) know this genious hot guy named Mika and NOBODY knew him! I was devastated cuz I hadn't no one to talk with about Mika :( so I did what any other Mika fan would do, and I introduced him to all my friends, then school, then other friends, etc... and now they play Mika everywhere :D .. well they only know Love Today but I guess it's a good way to start =)


Thats all ! forgive me cuz my bad english, I swear I'll improve it lol


thx again! :punk:

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well I'm not thaaat new 'cause I've already post in some threads (mexican <33) but just wanted to say a formal "Hi..." :P


I'm Lucy, 18 years old, and very glad to be here!!

Nice to meet you Lucy. My name is LUCY:naughty: :naughty:

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