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ok i did this a while back but it was so funny i had to do it again!!




mika rules


mika you see the name you think dirty (oh yeah you do lol!!!)



mika, the secret of women


hmmmm Mika


don't mess with Mika


my way is mika


Mika is the best (you don't say)


you can't beat mika


with a name like mika it has to be good (you said it!)


jesus loves mika (and so does everybody else!)


make yourself at home with mika (don't mind if i do lol)


mika is good for you


let's talk about mika (lol that's what we do on here already)


call a friend, call mika (how can I, I don't have his number duh!)


mika on the outside, tasty on the inside


everyone loves mika (absolutely & if they don't they're mad)


one goal, one passion - mika


mika for president (ooh could you imagine that)


mika is inspiration (oh indeed)


mika one name one legend


inspired by mika


do it with mika (ohh err I wouldn't mind doing 'it' with mika how do i go about it)


mika for me!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

«Naughty little Mika.» (This one is good! LOL)

«Enjoy Mika.»

«Mika - a class of it's own»

«Be part of Mika.»

«Mika is what the world was waiting for.»(Yeaaah babyyy!!)

«You better get inside Mika.» (Ok, If u say so...)

«Mika, created by nature.» (Thank you nature!!)

«Nonstop Mika.»

«Mika makes me hot.» (Wahaha, I love this thing!!)

«Mika is better than chocolate.» (Are u sure?)

«I want Mika and I want it now.»

«Mika, pure lust.» (I think the creator of this page has a crush on Mika LOL)


«Life's beautiful with Mika.» (Awwww)

«hhmmmmm... Mika.» (hahaha, good one!)

«The goddess made Mika.»

«Mika rules.»

«Oh my gods, it's a Mika.»

«Mika for me!» (yesss, please!)

«Mika, love it or leave it.» (Love it!! Love it!!)

«Food or Mika? I'll have Mika.»


Ok, I'm done for now! That page is sooo addictive!!


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I get the best ones :floor::


«Mika, to hell with the rest.»

«Next stop, Mika.»

«Be young, have fun, taste Mika.»:das:

«Oh my gods, it's a Mika.»

«Mika - first class!»

«My Mika is mine.»

«Naughty little Mika.»

«I wish i was a Mika.»

«Mika inside you.»:das:

«Mika, pure lust.»

«Mika makes me hot.»:lol3:

«I'd walk a mile for Mika.»

«Jesus loves Mika.»

«You better get your Mika out.»

«Who is Mika?»



These are so good hahaha

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