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The "MFC Sounds" appreciation thread


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I'm not entirely sure who did this but big ups from me :)


Please PM me if you are or know who writes it, I think I know but I don't want to run the risk of saying the wrong name :wink2:




Enjoy xx


EDIT* It's ingievV's handiwork and what loverly handiwork it is :)

Thanks Dilek for telling me who it was and sorry to ingievV for not knowing :blush-anim-cl:

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Yeah, Ingie made it!! :bow:


Someone was trying to say she wasn't a real Mika fan on there.. What a horrible thing to say. :sad: Ingie just has a sense of humour.

I think it's the same as when you were called the same thing.

Different types of Mika fan fail to recognise other types of Mika fan.


But we know she is because why waist all that effort otherwise?

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Mind you, then we'll end up here oooommmming and moooing and coooing and waiting for YOU to blog :D

Ahahaha two :oy: threads! GOODY!


Hmm yeah, you make an ooommmmm thread and I shall consider it:naughty:

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