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Mika Live 2006 - Video Clips?


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You're very welcome. =]

I'd keep combing youtube now, but I'm being told that computer time was over half an hour ago... :naughty:


I was thinking you were leaving a while ago :roftl:


If I remember a man posted or I saw them from a man .. and it was like 20 people


Good luck searching


Thanks Robi also :thumb_yello:

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Ive searched the world and cannot find them :roftl:

Those gigs that Mika played in 2006 to say 20 people , we had clips of them .. for the life of me I cant find

Can anyone help / post?



you was not there??? :shocked:


incredible :blink:

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And the last one I have:



at the Mine Bar in Leeds Uni on the 18th November 2006




FD, Do you not recall making the first comment under this video??? Check it out !!


I recall you went to Leeds, but didn't see the gig....wasn't that later?? Sorry, airing dirty laundry in public?!

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And also... Birmingham... 20... tiny Bar Academy .. must have been 2006 as well


Friday, May 18 2007, 17:38 BST


Considering the first time I saw Mika play in Birmingham it was to a crowd of about...wait for it...twenty, in the tiny Bar Academy just upstairs from the far larger Carling Academy where tonight's gig was held, the size of tonight's crowd was somewhat staggering. As Mika himself noted during the gig, his third in the area, this is the biggest crowd he's played to thus far, and he certainly made the most of it.



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