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My results and party and other news

Mika Freaka =)

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Well for those of you who know, i recieved my final year results and passed very well :tears: (tears of joy), i literally broke down in tears, one of the most emotional days of my life! I am officially done with high school and did it with an A average!


After that, my birthday is in a month, its my 18th and i would like to have a dress up, people have to dress up with something starting in the letters of my name,: S.H.A.M.E.E.Z

Because of my Mika obsession, i would like to go as him, but dont know how to pull it off. Also seeing as i am the bday girl i feel i cant be the least dressed up as some people are going all out (zorro, superman, angels, madusa etc.) Do you think i should go as something else? And lastly, my boyfriend wants us to match :wub2: so what matches in my name?

I would also like to decorate the hall in a mika way, any suggestions?


And then, my big news is that my bf has converted to my religion (i wont mention the religions as i do not watn religious fights) i am ecstatic as i did not ask him to, he did it out of his own:blush-anim-cl:

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I don't have any costume suggestions, but congratulations on your A average! Are you going to uni in South Africa next year?


Do your parents get on with your boyfriend? I imagine they are pleased with his decision too.

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