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Hello!Bonjour!Marhaba! New MFCer!!!


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YO :biggrin2:

Hey everyone, i'm new to the MFC...but not new to being one BIIIIIGGGG Mika fan. Hmm...something about me...ok. Well, i've been to 2 Mika concerts....i ADORE him. I don't remember the first time i heard about Mika. I think it was from Relax, Take It Easy or Big Girls...anyways, i'm glad i did!!!


So, what's up??? Now, it's ur turn to tell me about urself!!! :thumb_yello:

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Hi and welcome !! I'm glad that more lebanese are joining the MFC ! :wub2: here is the link for the lebanese thread http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3377&page=94&highlight=lebanese+thread

feel free to come and say hello to us !By the way I'm going to Montreal and ottawa in April , I love Canada :aah: Have fun here !!


PS : Have you been to his gig in Beirut ?

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