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Jacques is a girl !


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Hi there !


Guess what ? I'm new here !

In fact I joined a few month ago, but I've never dared myself to post because I thought my english was too bad to be understood.


But now I'm here. So who am I ?

Internet people are used to call me Jacques, because of a game called "Jacques a dit". It's like you would call me Simon because of "Simon says" :biggrin2:. As you maybe get it, I'm french.

I live in Paris and I'm 21. I saw Mika olny one time, that was in February 2010 in Nawcastle. And now I'm very excited because I learned I won the competition to see Mika at his private showcase. :teehee: (BTW, I don't know anybody that's going there, if you are and like too know me, feel free to contact me :wink2:)


If you want to learn more about me, just ask and I'll anwser ! 'Cause I don't really know what to say :blush-anim-cl:

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Welcome to MFC :yay:


i've seen your name on the member's list and i did think you were a boy too :naughty:


have fun tomorrow! there will be about 20 mfcers present.


tu peux aussi venir nous dire bonjour dans le thread des francais! :wink2:



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