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2012 - Mika Interview Rouge FM, Montreal August 2012


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I haven't seen this video posted yet, this is an interview from yesterday in Montreal




Interviewer: Hello Mika


M : Hello


I: How are you?


M : Very well. I'm examining your questions, and also an interview for Katy Perry, an interview for Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Madonna... Not bad! I feel very exclusive.


I: You are exclusive, my dear, for sure. Mika, first of all, happy birthday, in advance.


M: Yes my birthday is on Saturday.


I: Are you going to celebrate in Quebec?


M: No I'm going back to London for a radio show tomorrow morning at 8.


I: Is there a particular place where you can switch off a bit?


M: I like mountains. I like climbing. How do you say 'mountaineering'?


I: Hiking?


M: No no, more extreme than that!


I: How was the show yesterday at St Jean sur Richelieu?


M: It was cool, I didn't know what to expect, it was big. Have you ever been there?


I: Yes I was there.


M: Ah you were there yesterday! Cool. With all the balloons flying up, it's quite magical, surreal.


I: Let's talk about TOOL, and the first single Celebrate, it's your third album...


M: It's my third one. I really had fun making it. It was a really important album for me. I thought, well, I want to find again exactly why I 'm doing what I'm doing. I'm lucky because I don't make pop music with an obvious or very commercial format but I have the freedom to make the music I love.


I: What makes a good pop song according to Mika?


M : It must be subversive. It must have a side in which the melody.. It's the melody that opens the door and after that there are a lot of subversive allusions. I have stolen your clipboard! You are doing your interview without your clipboard! See, you don't need your clipboard.


I: You've just spent a few days in Quebec, you performed here yesterday, what is the best thing for you in Quebec?


M : We eat very well. We eat really well. Don't you think so?


I: Your favourite grub here?


M: I don't know, a bit of everything. I remember, the first time I was here working on the album, I was here during the 'Nuit Blanche', I went to the Old Town waiting for my session to start in the studio and they were selling sausages on a stick and you had to put it in the fire; I loved that.


I: Thanks a lot Mika, what are your projects now, I know that you continue touring


M: There's the tour, there are videos, we are filming short films, not like music videos because I'm not in them, it's less commercial. We made one for MYH in Montreal. It's the tour, the new album, it's life.


I: Thank you very much Mika, and happy birthday again.


M: It's very nice. 29 years old. Nearly an old man. How old are you?


I : 36.


M : 36? It's good, you look well. Not bad, well done.

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