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  1. Thanks everybody organizing the links, articles, translations and so on. And congrats to the fans (especially Italian) who supported the campain! I'm glad that Mika endorsed this cause as openly as he did and hope it can help to bring a good evolution in Italian law and / or to open more minds.
  2. Update: Only the 2 tickets for Lille are still available (20th of September)
  3. Update: - 2 for Bruxelles (23 of September) - 2 for Lille (20 of September)
  4. Yes, sorry my inbox was full. I send you a PM right now :-)
  5. Just a reminder that you only have until July 20th to get your window square completed. Don't forget you need to check with me that your wish is OK first.

    1. silver


      PS I don't seem to be able to PM you

  6. Thank you, yes, she contacted me for the first one of my 2 Luxembourg tickets ;-) here is the remaining one. ok :-) I send you a message
  7. I have a few tickets to sell :-) - 1 for Luxembourg (25 of September) - 2 for Bruxelles (23 of September) - 2 for Lille (20 of September) - 2 for the first Paris show (19 of September)
  8. Yes, that's what I think too, but it's strange because there is no "twist" at the end of the song to say "I changed my mind now", and Mika himself doesn't explain it when presenting the song. But I think the song is very powerful the way it is, it will help many people to know that they are not alone feeling like that.
  9. Definitely one of my favourite song of the album! Thanks for the lyrics, it's always hard for me to understand totally a song in English ^^
  10. One thing is strange to me: If you listen to the track-by-track video he did for Italy (thanks Sub Team), he explains that the song No Place in Heaven is about him not being worried about "going to heaven", because here on earth is great for him. This is absolutely not the feeling I get from the song (especially from the lyrics), it seems to me that he is begging to enter to heaven and hoping that God (and Church, and others, ...) change His mind about homosexuality. The feeling I got from the song is that he is suffering from the situation (which is also what he let understand in this conversation with Dario Fo last year), not that he doesn't care. My guess is that he was maybe talking more about the album as a whole in the video, and not specifically about the song. What do you think?
  11. Totally agree with you Christine about the "every love I had to hide". I love the song and as a Christian I find it especially powerful. Very proud that he wrote such a song. I wanted to write that I regret a bit that the lyrics are too repetitiv, but I looked at them one more time (thanks Deb!) and finally, no, it's fine like that for me
  12. To be honest, I don't like the song very much I have a problem with the chorus, and especially with the fact that it is too repetitiv. The second half of the song doesn't bring anything new in the lyrics or rythm / melody. So I'm bored The verses are ok for me, I like the melody even if the words or the subject of the song itself are not very original imo. But if all of you like it, it means it can be a huge success on radio and that's really good! And I must admit that the chorus has been stuck in my head for 2 hours now. Which is a problem as I don't like it but I guess it's positiv for the future of this song
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