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Hello from belguim


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My name is sofie. Im 27 years old. I live in overijse in belguim. My hobbys are rope-skipping, babysitting and going to events. I went to lokerse feesten in Belguim to see Mika's concert. It was great. He was singing for one hour or even langer. I was so happy after the concert to see Mika singing.

5 august i went to Mol in belguim to see Mika. I met him in Mol for the first time. Mika was very kind. He signed my cds en we took a selfie of us.



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Oh that is wonderful!!! You should post your Mika selfie as a profile picture hehehe I bet it is an amazing picture! We are the same age, you should come chat in the popular Middelings chat <3 

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