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  1. Hi Vincent! Welcome to MFC!!! Thank you for the pics you shared with us!!! 😍
  2. In Piemonte (tolto Barolo) non tornava da una vita..dubito torni prossimamente..Verona secondo me è qualcosa di imperdibile..c’è il treno, è fattibile! sulle altre date..super felice che per ora non sia ancora finita😍
  3. Yes..there’s the train! It takes 20 minutes circa! Gardaland is so funny and the Lake is beautiful!
  4. I’m selling one ticket for Perugia, Row 3 n^ 21, central place for the same price I bought it (80,50) Dm if interested
  5. I hope it as well! Enjoy the gig and don’t worry too much about that! ☺️
  6. Welcome and enjoy your stay in MFC!
  7. Salut Charline!!! Bienvenue chez nous!
  8. Che sogno l’arena di Verona! Non vedo l’ora..è perfetta anche per il mio compleanno, chi se lo aspettava! 🥰
  9. I have one ticket (parterre) for Bolzano. DM me if interested! I can sell it for less than the price!
  10. Hello people..I thought it was important to say something about this presale (I don’t know if it’s the same thing for the other concerts in Canada): there are two possibilities to buy these tickets: one is the fan presale available with the code Revelation2020, the other one is the official platinum! These are so different because the first one has a very good price in the front rows as well, the second presale sells depending on the demand. (The price can change!) I bought 2 central places in the 6th row at the price of 178 Canadian dollars instead of 500/600! Pay attention to th
  11. Sent money for party and flowers for me, my boyfriend and @pilly! 😘 See you soon ❤️
  12. Perfect! Me and my boyfriend are in! I’ll send the money ASAP😍
  13. I wrote an email to them a few months ago ..they’ve assured me there aren’t priority tickets for this concert..
  14. ciaooo Denise sono Paola abito a Robassomero prov. Torino , ho 33 anni son casalinga e  adoro ogni canzone di Mika , a parte la casa son volontaria presso la mia parrocchia e adoro gli animali (cani, gatti, ecc)

  15. Mi accorgo che da tanto tempo non passo per un saluto..quindi eccomi. Che belle emozioni in questo periodo..una canzone migliore dell'altra e un Mika più genuino che mai! Benvenuti MFC's nuovi..ci si vede in tour (finalmente! Stento a crederci!)
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