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BEXCO Auditorium, Busan, KR - 11 February 2016 - REPORTS/PICS/VIDEOS


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flag-of-south-korea.gif Mika's First Korean Tour Starts !!!


It's your turn to share your concert experience with all of us !! :fangurl:

Guys, we are waiting !  :mika3:


Here is the link of Before The Show  MIKA @ BEXCO Auditorium, Busan, KR - 11 February 2016




mikainstagram Spot me. Busan!


















Periscope by Grazia & Lucrezia


It's a Video links of Live Chat from Busan.

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eddycee Soundcheck 1. @ccdrumco made it all the way to Korea. Good to see the ol girl again. Sounding phat and thuddy in equal measure. @ccdrumseurope #jetlaggedbeyondbelief #mikaasiatour




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Quick report on Busan: Fabulous is an understatement ,Mika was in top form. Korean fans are so creative in getting crowd to interact. I have posted videos and photos on my instagram : noplaceinheaven_meeks

1st song was PORCELAIN, his voice was exquisite, also a favourite of mine from NPIH. Definitely lots of piano for this tour. It was so much fun when a Korean fan dressed in traditional Korean dress was pulled on stage and boy, DID SHE DANCE! Another outstanding moment was went the yellow paper stars shone with phone light during GG. He sang MY INTERPRETATION because he had to stick to his "utter garbage" saying he would sing very old songs in yesterday's online chat  :doh:

The absolute highlight was when he spontaneously decided to run into the seats during SATS, the security leaping out from backstage was a sight to behold :naughty:


UNDERWATER was another very fun part and he sure enjoyed himself :hi5:


90mins flew by, so looking forward to Seoul tmrw :mika1:

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Grazia tweets the setlist !! :wub:


Thanks a million to Grazia. :huglove:

  1. Porcelain
  2. Talk About You
  3. Grace Kelly
  4. Good Wife
  5. Big Girl
  6. Boum Boum Boum
  7. Good Guys
  8. Relax
  9. My Interpretation
  10. Promiseland
  11. Lollipop
  12. Underwater
  13. Staring at the Sun
  14. Happy Ending
  15. Elle Me Dit
  16. Last Party

Encore :

  • Love Today



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I still laugh thinking of the moment with the audience. He can be so funny :naughty:  Dozens of girls kept screaming "I love you" and then one male voice said it and he immediately answered "I love you too". It was a hilarious situation, the whole audience laughed. 

I really loved that he did Porcelain :wub2: Especially loved Relax (with a long beginning) and Last Party but was also wonderful to follow fan action songs Good Guys and Staring at the Sun. The venue was really good. I was 4th row and it was really far away (there was a large space between the stage and first row) but the view was good.

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