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  1. I know! And particularly everything else being so very carefully considered! Not sure I buy it that no one spotted the error ♥️ Whether it was there totally accidentally or left on purpose, I thought it was cute. About the other little accident and the situation with the cameraman, it didn't bother me at all. It reminded me of gigs. There are always accidents or "accidents" or things that might have been accidents once but are later repeated simply because they are fun and offer suitable joking moments with the audience. It's a part of the show and I thought they wanted to add a little bit similar spirit. Not that easy when the actual audience is behind their screens.
  2. Oh I loved this! Obviously it was an editing error but such a cute little mistake, I think. The beginning of the show was extremely emotional and this made me smile. Precious. The intro before the music started was incredibly poetic, he had the audience and everyone’s attention from the very start. His feelings towards this city were so clear and I got the feeling it’s good for him to embrace his Lebanese roots, it seems so important to him. I felt empathy for those people so strongly and I guess that was the biggest purpose of the night, to understand what the city is going through. I was also impressed by the way he did it, how elegant it all was, there was beauty in every meaningful detail, and how with all those stunning guests Mika was still the biggest star. It was totally his night. So proud of him and his team.
  3. So he's performing in the middle of the day? That would be cool to see. I will be in Sao Paolo for April 2 and in Rio for April 5 and I hadn't planned this April 4 at all but maybe I should stay in Sao Paolo for it. I just can't find any easy information. Where exactly is this? I mean the exact location? Is it easy to get there? If the location is not too complicated maybe I should consider this one too.
  4. I have two extra tickets for Tours (27.1.). Row D, seats 5 and 7. Buying them was such a mess and I totally forgot I have them. DM if interested.
  5. Thanks for linking the translation! So sorry to hear their family has all these worries 😢 Difficult interview to do but he was talking to a friend so it was possible. He talks so beautifully about his mother, they are so close ❤️
  6. Would it be possible to post a link to a google translation? I can’t manage to copy this with my mobile and I have still a long way to travel. Thanks 🙂
  7. All the new songs sound amazing live ❤️ And I got the poster! My blog about the SF gig is here if anyone is interested: https://www.mikagigs.com/2019/09/20/mika-the-fillmore-san-francisco-18-9-2019/
  8. I have some extra tickets to the NA gigs, DM me if looking for anything. I had bought a few extra but I'm traveling alone so I won't need those. Thanks!
  9. I wrote a small blog post about Tiny Love. It's not a deep analysis, I just wrote a few thoughts and talked about some of my favorite parts. https://www.mikagigs.com/2019/08/18/songs-tiny-love/
  10. I saw that the video was there in the morning and honestly thought it was done on purpose. I thought it's too weird if a new video is either accidentally or without a permission posted twice. Once maybe but twice? So I was just surprised it was already on Vimeo and naturally watched it. I could have waited two more days, just didn't understand I was doing something wrong before saw it was removed. I will save my party until Friday, it's an incredible song.
  11. Such an amateur mistake but I couldn't help it. It was a very exciting moment! 😀I tried to listen to so carefully that I didn't pay attention. I was only holding my mobile and it wasn't even recording. I didn't plan to upload the full song any way, youtube blocks new songs immediately and to be honest I rather not upload bad quality mobile recordings but of course now I totally regret not having it! OMG it's painful to wait!! It's a beautiful, beautiful song ❤️❤️❤️ I have small snippets of it playing in my head all the time and I just walk around the house in my dreams and smile. I almost see little hearts flying around everywhere. It's such a sweet song, it's like a blanket ❤️❤️❤️But not only that, it seems very interesting as well and I feel it's important to hear the whole song. I just can't wait.
  12. I guess it was posted by the production team... That that way they had a permission to post it? But it doesn't look official yet of course and I hope it will be posted by his team soon and we can start spreading that one. I really love the clip, it looks very well done, I can feel the heat in it!
  13. Yes it is possible to listen back even when the show is still continuing! I didn't realize that at first and feel a bit stupid now. It's a really nice song. Well it's not enough Mika if you ask me (it makes me want more of his voice) but the song is nice and catchy. Mika sounds lovely in it.
  14. Yes they played it just before 8, I luckily managed to hear it. I don't know if there will be any interview or if they will play it again but assume it will be possible to listen to it afterwards. At least I really hope so! I genuinely really liked the song, it's a nice song and I think Mika sounds amazingly beautiful in it. His voice sounds even better than I could remember and not sure how that is even possible. But it's not enough of him of course, it made me even more impatient to hear his voice than I already was. So as a teaser it really works because I really want to hear his singing even more than I already did.
  15. Some photos and a report about the event in my blog https://www.mikagigs.com/2019/05/28/traveling-events-people-wisfest-and-virgin-radio-live-concert-5-2019/
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