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I'm an athlete and I couldn't imagine a life without Mika's music! For example, I don't think I could do a competition without listening to his songs first!

I travel a lot and though I'm normally not so into social media and stuff (I'm rather shy) I decided to join you guys so I'd be better informed. It's not always easy to go to concerts since sometimes trainingcamps or competitions mess up my planning, but I try nevertheless :)


Hmm what else there is to know about me.. o, funny thing, I'm from Belgium, I speak Dutch, and just as anybody else I had to learn french at school and I was reeeaaaally bad at it, but since Mika became a coach at 'The VoiceFrance' I followed EVERY broadcast :)


Just as Mika I love dogs, in fact mine -Klifton- just walked in here making very very very clear that he wants to go for a walk and how could I say 'no' to him :)


So I guess I better leave my computer now and join him,


Ps: wouldn't it be AMAZING if Mika made a song about how dogs understand humans sometimes better then humans understand eachother! :) 





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Hello and welcome to MFC! :) I think Mika's music plays a big deal in all of our lives on here  :teehee: I love dogs too and it would be really cool if he made a song like that :wub: Have fun on here! 

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