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2019 @ Palalottomatica, Rome, ITALY 27 Nov REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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I Am very happy to have had another hometown gig! 🤩

I have to say that Mika fanbase looks quite changed since last tour. At last standing gig in Rome in September 2015, I arrived few minutes before 8 AM and I was #103 in the queue. This time I arrived at 8,45 and I was #29 😂 I got a great front row spot and I’m so happy, but I’m a bit sad since the venue was far from sold out (well, I don’t know exactly how it looked like when the show started, but since Mika said during Big Girl that that there was a lot of space, I guess it wasn’t full at all) 

I know that this time we have 12 Italian arena gigs while last time we had 6 (3 summer + 3 arenas in autumn) so I hope that his team doesn’t consider this a bad selling 🤔 I really have no idea 

Anyway crowd around me was really energic and screaming his lyrics every song, and I enjoyed the show a lot, I hoped he also realized that we loved it 😃 he joked a lot with the audience about the bad weather (and was really impressed about us queuing 12 hours 😂


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Corriere TV



DIRECT MP4 https://vod.rcsobjects.it/corriere/fcs.quotidiani/VAM/2019/11/28/MIKA_20191128033356_700k.mp4


  • Roma

    Mika, la serietà della vita raccontata con i colori della gioia

    «Revelation tour» di Mika iha fattto tappa mercoledì al Palazzo dello Sport dell'Eur. È un arcobaleno di colori il live, partito da Torino domenica 24 .
    Dopo una intro, in cui il cantante britannico racconta dei suoi genitori, del loro incontro fino alla sua nascita, si parte con il colore giallo per il brano «Ice cream». Segue «Jealousy» e il colore adesso è il verde. E ancora il rosa per «Relax». Il tour è nato anche per presentare dal vivo il suo nuovo lavoro discografico «My name is Michael Holbrook (Universal Music).

    Spiega Mika: « I brani parlano di temi molto seri e personali, ma la musica è gioiosa e colorata. A un certo punto mi sono detto: se la vita ti lancia una grossa sfida, alza la temperatura, offri il tuo cuore, scrivi melodie. Mi sono concentrato sull’idea di diventare un adulto senza perdere umanità, calore, il senso dei colori e dell’eccentricità». Con lui sul palco Timothy Van Der Kuil alla chitarra, Max Taylor al basso, Wouter Van Tornnhout alla batteria e Mitchell Yoshida al pianoforte.

    Un grande megaschermo alle spalle del palco prioietta immagini, disegni e fotografie come se si fosse in una galleria d’arte. Lo aveva annunciato Mika : «Il mio tour sarà come una immensa installazione d’arte». Quasi due ore di musica e canzoni, fino all’arancione ed ai bis «Grace Kelly» e «Tiny love reprise». Ad aprire la serata sul palco il cantautore romano Wrongonyou.


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    Mika, the seriousness of life told with the colors of joy


    The "Revelation tour" by Mika hit the stage on Wednesday at the Palazzo dello Sport dell'Eur. The live tour is a rainbow of colors, starting from Turin on Sunday 24th.

    After an intro, in which the British singer tells of his parents, of their meeting until his birth, we start with the yellow color for the song «Ice cream».  «Jealousy» follows and the color is now green.  And again pink for «Relax».  The tour was also set up to present his new record work live «My name is Michael Holbrook (Universal Music).


    Mika explains: «The songs speak of very serious and personal themes, but the music is joyful and colorful. At one point I said to myself: if life gives you a big challenge, raise the temperature, offer your heart, write melodies. I focused on the idea of becoming an adult without losing humanity, warmth, a sense of color and eccentricity». With him on stage are Timothy Van Der Kuil on guitar, Max Taylor on bass, Wouter Van Tornnhout on drums and Mitchell Yoshida on piano.


    A large giant screen behind the stage offers images, drawings and photographs as if they were in an art gallery. Mika announced it: "My tour will be like a huge art installation". Almost two hours of music and songs, up to orange and the encores of "Grace Kelly" and "Tiny love reprise". The Roman singer-songwriter Wrongonyou opens the evening on stage.



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