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Mika @ Birmingham Barfly 23 Feb 2007

Sunny Monkey

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Got to pick the tickets up from the venue, says 7pm start time which seems early. What time is everyone else getting there ?.


I think the 7pm is doors open. We are aiming to get there around 7.30 pm. Would have thought support will be around 8 pm. Mika around 9 pm finish 9.45 pm ish.

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Me :D hope he's ok with his flu tho :blink: this is what I look like so if you spot me come and say hi, I'll have that top on to I think :mf_rosetinted:




Chloe thanks for the pic. I will look out for you. (your dog is a real cutie!)


I'm going with my sister and our other halves. Don't have any good photos I can post. Will be good to be back in Brum to see Mika.


I'm off to get ready now, then heading off to my sister's shortly.


See you later.


Max x

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can't wait to hear all of the gossip from tonight and who got into the aftershow party:thumb_yello:

If it's the same schedule as last night, Mika will be about to go on:thumb_yello:


lv, andi xxx

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BLOODY HELL. That was sooooooooooooooooo good. I think I need a week to recover :naughty:


Wonderful, wonderful, lovely, fabulous, amazing, excellent.


Eeeeeeeeeeeee :D


Sorry :blush-anim-cl:


I took pics and vids :) will upload them soon!



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The barfly was sooooooooooooo small you wouldnt believe it.


It's sorta hidden away in a street so took a while to find. Anyway, the doors were supposed to open at 7 but didn't till 20 to 8 !!! Never the less we were kept entertained as the bands tour bus was right opposite of us. We say EVERY member of the band passing by, Matin jumping into a luggage hold and Luke thinking my name was Oliver !! (it isn't btw :P)


So we got into the event VERY small as i've said and i nipped off to the loo, where i then saw Mikey who was putting his contacts in. Had a good chat with him about Mika's flu, past gigs here and even about Happy Ending Live !


Apparently, the record label also wants them to play it but because of the choir etc it could be tricky. Although, Mikey did say they were working on a version now but weren't going to start playing till Mika was happy with it, which is fair enough. Was a really nice bloke to talk to !!


We ended up around 3 rows from the front. Hats of to the support he did a good job and got people warmed up. Unfortunately, this then led to three quaters of an hour of NOTHING. Just music. So much so that people were chanting MIKA.


So, he came on to do his set. Luke and Martin both as Mika put it 'f**ked' up two different songs at the start (Martin --> Ring, Ring, can't remember about Luke though could have been Big Girl or Love Today). So he did his set. The crowd were amazing btw. Just checked the Grace Kelly performance on my phone and ya cant even hear mika most of the time !!!!


All in all, was a brilliant gig and it was so cool to get to meet and talk to the band !!


You guys won't be dissapointed !!!

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Returned from Birmingham - the proud owner of Martin's set list...



FRIDAY 23/02.06














A nice moment was when Mika thanked everyone there for their support, as he said we had bought our tickets early on, before any of this got big - oh, and his Mum was in the audience. He felt awkward about singing Stuck In The Middle, because of the lyric about dying.


Enjoyed the show, though shame about the long wait in the rain and the long time between the excellent support and the band coming on. I had a chat with Mikey and Martin, who were very nice.


Hope it will be a longer set when they come back in May - seemed it was acceptable this time round because it was a showcase.


Mika was so familiar when he came on stage - had to pinch myself I wasn't watching him on TV, or youtube. And his voice was just as good live as on the studio tracks.


Nite and sweet (Mika) dreams.



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Wow that was good. He seemed so relaxed, and sang so well. No sign of a cold. I wonder if he wasn't just exhausted the other day.


I think we've been a bit spoilt though. Seeing him from RIGHT in front of the stage at Berkeley Square, it was a bit disappointing to find ourselves halfway back surrounded by people almost a foot taller than me. OK for hubbie - he's 6'3". Trouble was the traffic made us late - should have realised it would be so bad on a Friday night in the rain. Never mind - I'd go through hassle to get to see him live again and again and again...


So how come I didn't see any of you lot then? I had my badges on. I looked and looked but didn't see a single other MFC badge!! I guess it's because YOU lucky people made it to the front! :thumb_yello::thumb_yello:



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