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Introductions and such


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Never really done the whole introduction thing before, but got a really sweet reply from the forum (which seems to be friendly and compact, not like some of the others I've been on), and decided, what the heck, might as well...


I heard Relax, Take It Easy last year on the radio and got hooked. Jools Holland show followed and now I'm properly fixated.


So, "Hi!" if you've read this message and I hope to see you around the forums. :wink2: I really don't know how to write these things, do I... :)

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hi!! im steph!


i know exactly hat you mean about it being so nice and friendly here... thats what i keep saying and i bet everyones fed up of me saying it but of course there probly too polite to say so:wink2:


welcome to the forum and see you around !


love steph x x

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Hey, welcome to the club, new users! I'm quite new, but heard of Mika almost two years ago. 'Grace Kelly' on the radio, and I loved it. I am probably Mika's most extreme fan, but I am 11!!! I dont care what it says on my profile, I am Mika's biggest fan, so I would do anything to get myself on this website!!:thumb_yello: I think Mika should be the new god everybody!! What do we all think about that?!

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