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Mika mania is getting out of hand!


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There's just so much to keep up with! I can't cope! All the TV and radio appearances, all the posts here, things on MySpace. I mean it's great but I remember when he just had a MySpace page with a few comments now and again - not one thousand comments every hour! I want to keep up to date with everything about Mika, but I think I'll have to admit defeat. He's already too massive.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I hope to be doing some more cleaning here soon which will involved a page that lists the important / hot things and removes most the clutter in the main forums. Should make it easy to stay up to date in bite size bits.


Also, a monthly newsletter should be in the works soon that will cover most points :)



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it's a bit freaky ....but good ....Mika certainly deserves all the love and attention ....:mf_lustslow: mind you if we think it a bit strange, how must he feel ?

I just hope we don't get a backlash like you get on some sites ...when the trolls descend ..if they do can I do this :raygun:

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