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Hi. Just wanted to introduce myself.


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I'm Rose, just found this wonderful place, and I'm VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE.

I'm probably what you might call mature (I'm 43), and was a little nervous about coming here to begin with, not sure if I would fit in, but I'm young at heart, I have always mantained that I don't really want to grow up, as my family will attest to. I love the music that Mika is producing, as it caters to my taste for quirkyness, anything with a great hook, I have a real weakness for.

Well thats me in a nut shell, I could bore you all rigid with my life story but thats not why we're all here for is it, it's for a really talented, amazing person, who is pretty cute to boot (hey I may be maturing, but I'm not made of stone, ha ha).

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Hi RAK1, I'm new too. Guess us ladies can't get enough of this hunk, huh?

Welcome anyway, and don't be nervous. Age is immaterial (well at least I hope it is)


Age is indeed immaterial in our Mika-loving community! :biggrin2:

Welcome ladies and I hope you enjoy chatting with everyone :thumb_yello:

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