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Great Work by Cautionary Wife!!


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I just need to give a big shout out and huge thanks to Cautionary Wife for all the great work she's been doing for this Fan Club! :thumb_yello: The articles she finds and publishes really make my day!


Do you ever sleep? I've noticed posts at all hours of the day!! :shocked:


Great work CW!!




Oops.. meant to post this in General Chin Wagging! Sorry!

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I am blushing uncontrollably. And I am wearing a bright red jumper too... not a pretty sight I bet.


Very happy to have run into such a wonderfully friendly board. Too many boards these days are just slanging matches and you daren't open your mouth for fear of getting shot down in flames.


MFC Board - stay as sweet as you are.


... ohh and tell me to shut up when you've had enough of me. HA!


Love ya'


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