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An early interview...


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Oh, maybe it only plays in the UK...bummer :thumbdown:

Perhaps meimei88 can put it onto mp3 or something - she seems really good at that kind of stuff! I, on the other hand, have no idea what to do :blink:

Sorry! x


:blush-anim-cl: I'll see what I can do today... if not today, I'll def do it at the weekend :blush-anim-cl:

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Love this clip Thanks for getting it for us- only heard it and lovely to see his facial expressions when he answers a question!

Hey those ADIDAS tops are all the rage! it`s the vintage range or you have just kept it for 20 years in your wardrobe and decided to wear it again!

Looks as if Mika has had a haircut in this clip as his curls are sprung rather tight. I have curly hair-although I hate it and love my straighteners. When I used to go the hairdressers they used to make it so "nice and bouncy" but when you have curly hair it looks better when it has dropped a bit or it looks soooooooooo short. Obviously needs to use that mirror more or pull it a bit as I had to do before seeing anybody.

Still looks cute though!


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Here you go folks, best I could manage today is mp3 recording. You can download it here


Here are the questions he gets asked (they are displayed on the screen)


-What is Life in Cartoon Motion about?

-Are you happy with the album?

-The media says you are the one to watch, does this put you under pressure?

-What drives you on?

-You wrote, produced and even did the artwork for the album, where do your talents end?

-Which artists would you like to work with in the future?

-What jobs have you had in the past?

-What are your plans for 2007?



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