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I <3 Mika!


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Last wednesday my boyfriend and I went to the movies to watch the messengers. Before going to the movies we had bunned a bit; so we were ripped. We sat down and the little pre movie things were on. The song Grace Kelly just happened to be the video playing at the theater. I fell in love with that song right then. Originally I didnt know the name of the song or who it was by until a couple days later and I saw it again on tv. I was soo happy! I wrote down the title and artist and searched it right away. Since then I have heard this song several times a day and make everyone around me listen to it as well.


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Welcome here Katryna!


Grace Kelly is such a great song, very addictive may I add! If you like Grace Kelly so much, you should listen to the rest of Mika's album, it's super addictive! :original:

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