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3rd Single??


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Last night (whilst listening to Life In Cartoon Motion..) I was wondering what the single after Love Today would be.

I realised that almost every time Mika does a small performance he sings

Grace Kelly (single #1), Love Today (single #2) and My Interpretation. Does this means that My Interpretation might be the third single of Life in Cartoon Motion?

If so, it would rock my socks!


:blink: Perhaps this is just one of my stupid theories, but it kept me awake for quite some hours :lol3:


Sorry if this has been asked before.. I couldn't find another thread about it..


xX Zahara

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I'd like it to be 'Big Girls (Your Are Beautiful)'...but maybe it's going to be 'Lollipop'.


My Interpretation is great too! If he chooses to release it as a single, it'll be a little mellower than 'Grace Kelly' and 'Love Today' :)

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Hmm yeah I reckon My Interpretation makes sense as the 3rd one - grab people's attention with Grace Kelly, ride the 'uptempo pop' wave with Love Today, then just when public opinion turns to 'But can he only do uptempo pop?', surprise them with a ballad. God that sounds horribly cynical, but you know what I mean!

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Oh! Oh!


What if he does something like Shakira did with 'Hips Don't Lie'? Record a new track, release it as a single, then reissue the WHOLE album with the new track included?! That would be great! :D

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hmm, don't think it will be lollipop or something like that, coz it seems too similar to love today! maybe something with a different style.


can't wait!


i agree so:wink2:


My Interpretation is good =)


sad to know that Lollipop will not be released as a single.


every song in his album rocks:thumb_yello:

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