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Hello from Norway


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Mika visited the most seen talk show in Norway on Friday March 10th and I was filled with very good feelings for this wise and warm young guy. :wub2: There are so many wonderful young people today and he is definately one of them.


After listening to many of his songs at different places on the web I ordered his first album yesterday. I look forward to receiving it because I really liked his music.


I hope he comes back to Norway soon and that he will be concerting not too far away from where I live.


Greetings from Hjerterdame

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I have a question of Norway do you have polar bears walking across the streets?? :shocked:


Aah, that's old! :roftl: No, there's no polar bears walking on the streets of Norway, neither in Finland or Sweden! It's kinda the same thing as giraffes walking around Time Square :naughty::thumb_yello:


Welcome my Norwegian friend! Wish I could come to Norway to see Mika too! :mf_rosetinted:

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