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mika interview Belgian television


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Isn't it actually called Flemish? :D


But yeah, it's Dutch. Nice interview! He's wearing the same shirt and necklace as on the pic in the Volkskrant last week. I like that necklace, I'm a fan of beads. :D


And I totally agree with his device about being a disaster but being yourself and so.

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hah thank you lol , I wasnt totally sure :P but I should have guessed since I understood a bit of that episope, if you ever watched FRIENDS, when this women comes from the netherlands and both chandler and joey wants her.. anyway .. ignore that haha.

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It's Dutch! A part of Belgium speaks Dutch (like me)



And like me! lol:punk: yay, another Belgian fan on the board!


I loved the interview. Love it when people just follow their dream no matter what:thumb_yello:

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