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Mika @ SXSW


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What an absolutely amazing show! I was in shock the first few minutes, not believing that he was performing right in front of me. His show was at 1:00 am and well worth the wait. I was standing in the 2nd row, so I got a few decent pictures.







He even played some Shakira for us :)

After the show, I went out back to get a picture with the main man himself! It took a few tries with the camera, but he was sweet about it.





He'd played the day before and a free show earlier on in the day and I unfortunately didn't know about it. I wanted to hear it again on Radio2 today, but I was too late! :crybaby:



There were a few (professional?) photographers there and more pictures here: http://flickr.com/photos/lornethomson/sets/72157600005185230/



CD release in 10 days!! Woooooo. I can't wait to see him perform again.



P.S. - I was surprised to find out that Cherisse is only 19! Mika said so when introducing the band. She seemed to like 'Stuck in the Middle' singing along enthusiastically the whole song.

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