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Hello everybody!!!


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Hi everybody, i'm very happy to come here. My name is Jony, i'm 19 years old. I'm french,i live in the south of France(beautiful life, but not for the moment because of the weather:sneaky2: ) and I saw Mika for the first time in Taratata, a french program, and now, please, help me to stop to listen his music!:roftl:

i really hope that Mika will continue to be number 1!!!

MIKA, c'est de la bombe!!!

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lol! no i think i'll never stop to listen his music!!! When i gave the cd to my sisters, they became...CRAZY like me!!!!! My friends at the university can't stop me!!! (but i don't really want)...Sorry if i make some mistakes, don't forget, i'm french...:thumb_yello:

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