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Hello!!! :)


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Hello everyone!

I am Emma and I live in the south of Sweden. I'm 17 years old

I have been a Mika fan for about a month.

I read about Mika in some paper, and wondered who this man was (he was cute and had curly hair).

So I checked the internet, as I always do when I want to know something. And I heard some of his songs, and recognised Relax, Take it Easy and Grace Kelly.

I've been Mika obsessed ever since.

Then I discovered this forum. I've been a reader mostly, but since I've posted a few posts, I thought I should be polite and introduce myself :)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi Emma!

Always nice to see people from neighbour countries!

Yes, It's good to introduce yourself,

or the most active ones starts to think you're Mika himself... :naughty:


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Guest the_hero1985
Welcome! Do join in! I lurked for quite a while, but once I started posting, I couldn't stop! :naughty:


I have that problem after 1 day!


Anyways WELCOME to the camp

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