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Howdy, everyone!

Zellie Almasy

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My name is Sarah! I'm 18 and just joined up at the fan club here. I heard about Mika from a friend of mine. I really love Queen, so she said, "Hey, listen to this guy. He sounds like Freddie." So she burned me a CD and I completely fell in love with all Mika's songs! Then I looked him up online to find that on top of being a great singer, he's a cutie too! n.n Finally, his CD was released in the States, and I bought it =) Yeah, I live in Indiana, but I'm originally from Chicago, which is way way cooler than Indiana.


I found out about this site from YouTube, actually. I was searching for Mika videos, and at the end of one of the videos, there was the address to this site. So I thought, hey, I'm a fan of Mika. I should join that site! =) So instead of going to bed like a good girl who has class tomorrow, here I am at 2 AM being a dork X3 It's okay, though. My class is at noon.


As for my other interests, I usually listen to Japanese pop/rock music. Gackt and Alice Nine are my favorites. I've really astounded my friends when they get in my car and hear Mika playing. They become dumbstruck for a moment to hear actual words in English coming out of my speakers X3 Yeah, I'm an anime/gaming nerd. My username comes from my favorite video game, Final Fantasy VIII. Zell's my favorite character, and Zell/Seifer is my favorite couple, so Zell's first name and Seifer's last name = my username. Yeah.


I think that's enough for now. I like to talk, so if I don't stop myself, I'll just keep going X3 So yeah, I'm very friendly. Don't be afraid to ask to be my friend XP

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